Scientists Shocking Admission About Bringing Tv Show Westworld To Life

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No matter what the topic is, over the course of doing the Kev Baker Show, I’ve tried as much as possible to compare what is going on, be it government cover-ups, dark conspiracy theories or science & technology that is shaping our world today, with what we see in movies and TV shows. From my perspective This allows the listener to get an example of what I’m talking about, albeit in a fictional form.

Analyzing popular culture in this way serves a dual purpose…

1 – as I said above it’s a great way to enable the listeners to see what I’m talking about in action.

And 2 – one of the things we have all learned on this journey we are undertaking is that the elites running this world love to tell us ahead of time just what is around the corner. This can be referred to as foreshadowing, predictive programming or the revelation of the method. Its all a part of the black magic they use to steer us in a direction of their choosing.

Recently one of the shows I’ve mentioned time and time again is the HBO blockbuster Westworld. The story takes place in Westworld, a fictional, technologically advanced Wild-West-themed amusement park populated by android “hosts”. The park caters to high-paying “guests” who may indulge their wildest fantasies within the park without fear of retaliation from the hosts, who are prevented by their programming from harming humans.

The parallels between the fictional Westworld and some of the science we see in the real world today are obvious to anyone that has seen the show and has just a basic understanding of the robotics and AI that are around today.

Sometimes it’s said that I have blurred the lines between fact and fiction, and to that I cannot argue. But what if I was to tell you that the future is going to look more like Westworld than even I imagined.

Tonight, you will hear from one of the people behind this push to bring human-like synthetic robots into our reality, and in her own words admits they are striving to bring Westworld to life. We covered some of this on The Anthony Patch show on Friday & tonight we are going to go even deeper down the rabbit hole to learn more about this vision of the future that Dr Suzanne Gildert has for us all.

What is even more revealing is that in her own words she makes a shock admission when talking about the science and technology they are working on. She says, her words not mine, that “its more like black magic than science at this point”.

This is on a par with D-wave founder Geordie Rose talking about the quantum computer being like “an alter to an alien god” & bringing back the H.P. Lovecraft “old ones”. Make no mistake, Rose has been side by side with Dr Gildert from their time together at D-wave, then onto Quadrant, moving then into the robotics with Kindred & now the emergence of Santuary AI.

Listen in & share this information far and wide to show people just what the near future holds for us all.


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