A-Tishoo, A-Tishoo… We All Got Played! UK COVID Cronyism Revealed!

Masks vs anti-masks. Lockdown vs anti-lockdown. Vaccine vs anti-vaccine. People talking about how there is no virus, its never been isolated & everything is all just some cabal stunt they call a ‘plandemic’.

Just some of the confusion that has been as epidemic as COVID itself, but why? Neil Sanders joins me to expose the truth behind the UK governments seemingly inept handling of the COVID pandemic.

Did the UK Go for Herd Immunity?

By Neil Sanders (visit website… CLICK HERE

On the 3rd February 2020 Boris Johnson made a speech to the Tory party donors in which he said:

“Global growth is itself anemic and the decline in global poverty is beginning to slow,” he said. “And in that context, we are starting to hear some bizarre autocratic rhetoric, when barriers are going up, and when there is a risk that new diseases such as Coronavirus will trigger a panic and a desire for market segregation that go beyond what is medically rational to the point of doing real and unnecessary economic damage, then at that moment humanity needs some government somewhere that is willing at least to make the case powerfully for freedom of exchange.”

He went on to suggest that the UK would be the country “ready to take off its Clark Kent spectacles and leap into the phone booth and emerge with its cloak flowing as the supercharged champion”.

Also in February it was revealed that government advisor Dominic Cummings had stated “herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” As reported in the Financial Times:

“The acceptance that the disease would inevitably spread widely across British society — but could be managed — meant that Britain did not immediately announce tough social-distancing measures and had a limited testing regime. “Dominic supported the policy 100 per cent,” said one Downing Street official”

By this time the UK government had moved 20000 covid patients into care homes to recover. Covid began to spread like wildfire in care homes.

By the 27th of February Cummings and his mate Ben Warner (of VoteLeave) were advising the SAGE scientists on the strategy of achieving herd immunity:

“SAGE updated its assumptions for a reasonable worst-case scenario. It said: “80% of the UK population may become infected, with an overall 1% fatality rate in those infected.” It also added that: “Only a proportion of those infected will experience symptoms”.

On the 3rd March 2020 Boris Johnson announced that he had been to a hospital with Covid patients and had been shaking hands with everyone.

On 5 March 2020 briefed by No.10 – Robert Peston of the Spectator – owned by Tory donors the Barclay brothers- revealed the govt strategy was to “allow the virus to pass through the entire population”.

Also on March 5th Boris Johnson appeared on This Morning to tell Phillip Schofield that: “One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go…”

On 5th March, the SAGE minutes confirm that the Government decided to adopt this approach. The meeting during which this was cemented was attended by Cummings, Warner and David Halpern, head of the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insights Team (known as the ‘nudge unit’).

On March 11th David Halpern of the Nudge Unit appeared on BBC radio saying that the plan was to cocoon the vulnerable and allow the rest of the population to achieve herd immunity.

11 March – the day the WHO declared COVID19 a pandemic- Jenny Harries Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England said public outdoor events are safe & that “we don’t want to disrupt people lives”.

That week, Liverpool played Real Madrid & 250,000 people went to the Cheltenham Festival. Matt Hancock mysteriously received a payment of £370000 from the organisers if the Cheltenham Festival. Dido Harding, who oversaw the spending of £37 billion on a useless track and trace system, is married to a board member of the Jockey Club – the owners of the Cheltenham Festival.

Also on March 11th Patrick Whitty announced that the government were not going to test anyone unless they were already in hospital.

On March 13th Patrick Vallance (also of the Nudge Unit) appeared on TV to defend the Governments Herd Immunity strategy

Also on 13th March in the INews newspaper, Patrick Vallance again proposed that Herd Immunity was the best strategy.

Government Advisor Nick Phin also appeared on Channel 4 to discuss Herd Immunity saying: “Well, herd immunity is the situation where you get so many people in the population to develop an immunity to a disease that there is no opportunity for the disease to actually become established and spread to lots of people,” said Nick Phin, deputy director of the National Infection Service.

“Normally we do that with a vaccine,” he said. “You can do that naturally, of course, if a disease that’s not been introduced before affects a large number of people, and that’s really how herd immunity in the U.K. would develop.”

Also on 13th March Boris Johnson spoke to the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that the UK’s strategy was to achieve herd Immunity. This was confirmed by the Italian health minister Pierpaolo Sileri.

With lockdown looming Boris Johnson refused to order the pubs to close. Fearing imminent closure thousand flocked to their favourite watering holes.

Lockdown started on 23rd March. Notes from the minutes of SAGE meetings show that the herd immunity strategy was still in place until mid April.

“A series of meeting minutes from this period show that SAGE belatedly conceded that there was “no evidence pointing to high levels of population immunity in this stage in the pandemic”; that it was unclear how long immunity lasted; and that therefore the idea of opening up the economy via mass distributing of immunity passports for people recovered from the Coronavirus was premature.”

On 24th March the financial Times science editor Clive Cookson, suggested that the country “had already acquired substantial herd immunity through the unrecognised spread of COVID-19 over more than two months”. If true, this would vindicate the Government’s “unofficial herd immunity strategy – allowing controlled spread of infection,” he stated. This became known as the Oxford paper – but strangely it didn’t come from Oxford University and it escaped the usual peer review process.

This concept had been formulated and presented by a group called Surgrue Communications – the PR arm of the UK’s Nudge Unit and works with the MOD DSTL lab.

The article in the FT stated: “Although some experts have shed doubt on the strength and length of the human immune response to the virus, Prof Gupta said the emerging evidence made her confident that humanity would build up herd immunity against COVID-19.” Sunetra Gupta would become a prominent voice in covid denial – claiming we achieved herd immunity in March 2020.

On April 15th the first anti Lockdown protest is held in Michigan USA – it transpires that this was arranged by Koch industries, the Devos family and the Heritage Foundation. Simultaneously there is a campaign called filmthehospitals that is started by Council for National Policy member Jason Jones. All of these people are connected in some manner to the Conservative party as donors.

At the end of April the oil industry shuddered as oil went into negative pricing – this meant that the oil industry – for a time –was paying people to take their oil. Due to the slowing of international and domestic travel the industries profits were hit heavily.

SAGE notes from May 1st show that the government had spent the entire period of the lockdown arguing that the measures should be reversed.

In Early May Simon Dolan – multi millionaire tax exile who lives in Monaco and just so happens to be hard Brexit – got hard Brexit lawyer – connected with the VoteLeave campaign – Dominic Hoar to fight the legality of the lockdown. Dolan had previously been trying to win a contract to supply the government with masks. His contract was turned down and he suddenly became a hard core anti masker and critic of the lockdown and down-player of Covid. Reports are that he is often seen in Monaco wearing a mask. Anyway – this multi millionaire crowd funded his spurious case against the lockdown. Obviously this case was thrown out – but not before Francis Hoar had pocketed nearly £70000 of people’s money. Dolan produces films for Ickonic.

On 22nd May it was reported that Dominic Cummings had breached the lockdown and had driven to Durham. The result of this was a total undermining of the policy and we saw huge amounts of people flock to parks and beaches for May Bank Holiday. It later turns out that Cummings shopped himself to the police and newspapers – almost as if he wanted to undermine the lockdown.

In August and September 2020 several anti lockdown protests were put on in Trafalgar Square – these were arranged with the help of John Mappin of Turning Point UK – Koch industries, The English Democrats – racist hard Brexit group that contains Vernon Coleman – and the Church of Scientology – heavy supporters of Trump and the right wing nexus. Pro Brexiteers such as Andrew Tice and Simon Dolan also got involved.

As an interesting aside – you need to get permission from the government to protest in Trafalgar Square. This was arranged by a chap called John Carlton – a Scientologist who works with at least two other Scientologists on a 5G ran home automation project. He is also friends with John Mappin the head of Turning Point UK and a prominent Qanon promoter – who also runs Camelot TV – a media outlet that denies covid exists.

In September, against the advice of the SAGE Scientists, university students were sent back to campus. Cases soared and these students were isolated in their halls of residence. Only remote lessons were possible but at least the university’s got their rent. Strangely schools like Eton resisted the return of students.

In September the government released a letter published by a group of scientists including Sunetra Gupta, Carl Heneghen, Karol Sikora, Michael Yeadon and others. They had been pushing for herd immunity since March – Gupta, Yeadon and Sikora repeating several times the lie that this had already been achieved and argued that lockdowns were more detrimental than the virus. On the surface this seemed critical of the government – arguing that lockdowns were draconian. However it soon became clear that this line of thought came directly from the UK Treasury – specifically a think tank called Economic Insight. These scientists were working alongside the treasury focusing on costs not health. Furthermore it was revealed that Gupta, Heneghen, Yeadon et al were also being promoted by the UK Behavioural Insight Group – The Nudge Unit. Specifically the PR firm Surgrue Communications (the PR arm of the Nudge Unit) promoted these herd immunity anti lockdown tropes.

When shown to epidemiologists -The Economic Insight paper on COVID-19 deaths was described as “pseudoscience” as the “model or the premise doesn’t even stand up to basic scientific scrutiny”.

Also in September Gupta, Sikora, Heneghen and the Swedish Anders Tegnell spoke at Downing Street to promote herd immunity. After this meeting against the advice of SAGE the autumn circuit break lockdown was rejected.

Around this time – for no apparent reason – Anders Tegnall warned the UK that herd immunity wouldn’t work – not that he had been doing that in Sweden obviously – perish the thought.

Following this Boris Johnson repeatedly refused to impose measures on London.

In October 2020 the Koch Industries financed AEIR promoted the Great Barrington Declaration – a conference and paper that promoted the idea of herd immunity. The Great Barrington Declaration, after the town in which it was created, was drafted by Gupta with two other top US scientists, Professor Martin Kulldorff of Harvard University and Stanford Fellow Jay Bhattacharya.

Patrick Fagan who worked for Cambridge Analytica is for some reason part of the Great Barrington Declaration.

Alongside Gupta you have Dr Carl Heneghen also playing it down – he is financed by this couple called the Willets who are friends with that Chris Burnham of the Trump transition team and Mary Jacobi who worked directly with the Reagan and Bush administrations – so Pro Trump Heneghen ends his posts: “… the article has not been peer-reviewed; it should not replace individual clinical judgement and the sources cited should be checked… The views are not a substitute for professional medical advice”.

His stuff is published by the Spectator – Barclay brothers and then there is Dr Karol Sikora who is up to his tits in the IEA (Koch Industries/Brexit) and surprise surprise wants to privatise the NHS – says it is communism – works for Astra Zeneca – lied about being connected to Imperial College for some reason. He was the Lockerbie bombers Dr – who lied about his cancer; he once gave a 14 year old boy a mercy killing lethal injection.

But he does have an illustrious record of lobbying on behalf of the Conservative Party. For instance, he founded the Doctors for Reform group – a free-market pressure group which was accused in 2004 of being “supported by the Conservative Party”, according to the British Medical Journal.

In 2009, he was paid to appear in US adverts for the Republican Party created by a lobby group, Conservatives for Patient Rights, which attacked the NHS

During this time PCRClaims came about – another group with Michael Yeadon as their figurehead. The point of this group is to criticise the PCR test – mostly with the idea that they give 90% false positives – they don’t they actually give 30% false negatives. This is easily disproved – if they gave 90% false positives – then we would see uniform levels of infection everywhere. Indeed if they gave 90% false positives we would never have any area where there was zero covid – but we do hence Yeadon is a liar. He was also exposed as being a horrible old racist as loads of old tweets surfaced with him being a sad nasty old bigot. Patrick Fagan of Cambridge Analytica fame is also involved in PCR Claims.

PCRclaims.co.uk, too, has links to the Conservative Party and the Government.

One of its ‘experts’ on economics is Jeffrey Peel, previously an area vice-chair of the Conservative Party, a business spokesperson for Vote Leave, Northern Ireland chairman of Brexit campaign group Business for Britain, and an advisor to the Department for International Trade from 2017 to 2020

The Great Barrington Declaration was also overseen by an advisory board called PANDA. On the board of PANDA were – Patrick Fagan, Martin Kulldorf and Donald Trump’s former Covid advisor Scott Atlas. PANDA is heavily opposed to vaccines and backed the discredited work of anti vax doctor Denis Rancourt.

In December 2020 – having been kicked off twitter – Michael Yeadon started a Facebook “news” channel denying covid and the pcr tests called Unlocked United Kingdom. Yeadon was helped in this endeavour by Patrick Fagan. Unlocked’s chairman and co-director of ULUK Limited is former Conservative Party donor-turned-Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib – who had previously backed Yeadon’s social media career.

At Christmas against the advice of the SAGE group Boris Johnson suggested Christmas bubbles allowing different groups to meet and mix. Following this thousand died.

During the entire debacle we have seen a series of media outlets pouring scorn on the severity of the virus, picking at figures, suggesting that tests don’t work and that hospitals aren’t stretched. These include Talk Radio (Murdoch), The Times (Murdoch) Telegraph and Spectator (Barclay Brothers), The Mail (Northcliffe), The Lockdown Sceptics (Toby Young), Sky News Australia (Murdoch) Fox News (Murdoch). By massive coincidence these are all owned by people who donate to the Conservative party and want you to go to work and earn them money. The anti lockdown protests in the UK were put on by the Church of Scientology – backers of Trump and Turning Point UK – Koch Industries.

You see in April 2020 for the first time oil went into negative – meaning that due to a lack of demand you had to pay to get rid of it – as opposed to the normal profit on each barrel. The same people who just so happen to finance the Republicans in the USA and the Conservatives in the UK also have ties to the petrochemical industry.

That’s why they resisted lockdown for four weeks. That’s why they undermined it and finished it in May. That’s why they sent the students back. That’s why they introduced tiers, and then changed the rules. That’s why they pretended to oppose the government policy. It’s all about money.

That’s why we never closed the borders or provided adequate facilities at airports.

And to explain why the government is actually behind a series of media nodes and personalities that seem to be undermining the figures, tests, severity etc – well it’s quite simple. If you doubt that the figure of 130000 dead is inaccurate – then the government didn’t do quite as bad as you thought. This is why the nudge unit has tricked people into providing the government with an alibi – when you should be holding them to task for their failures.

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