Trump “Space Force” To Launch Amidst Fake UFO Disclosure

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Donald Trump has spoken yet again about the formation of a “Space Force” in a speech to the Black Knights US Army football team. This is the latest episode in a series of events that has seen the race towards disclosure, be it real or otherwise, intensifies. 

Many people said during the election campaign and subsequently, that Donald Trump does not work for the cabal that has run the planet for all of our living memory & much longer. So, if that is the case, is his “space force” really the veil coming off technology belonging to this rival, equally powerful, group?

This comes amidst the cabal pushing a disclosure narrative that is playing out in the main stream right now. Towards the end of 2017 we seen the release of previously classified footage claiming to show footage of top gun pilots chasing down UFOs. Tom Delonge is at the forefront of a group claiming to be bringing forth disclosure, the To The Stars group.

They brought forth the footage that went around the world as the main stream media made an obvious shift in how they approached a subject that would in the past have been met with X-File type music & ridicule from the presenters, but no more. Very positive media attention is the first indicator that something is off with all of this.

When you start to look at who is behind this group, several red flags should start to go up. Their board of directors reads like a who’s who from the world of government and black ops. This, in my opinion and wild speculation, is the public face of the cabal, the Podesta/Clintions in this chess game.

Talking of Podesta, he recent turned up in the new season of Ancient Aliens. Let me state here and now that im not criticizing any of the people involved on the show, but there seems to have been a shift in how things roll on Ancient Aliens. John Podesta turning up anywhere should be reason enough to look the other way, and when they start pushing the information being brought to the table by the To The Stars group, it smells to me as some infiltration has taken place.

All of this maybe be figments of my imagination, but lets watch as this race towards disclosure approaches the home straight.

Dont be surprised if there are some major “revelations” regarding UFOs or alien life in the very near future.




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