Did WW3 Just Get Closer With Trump Telling Russia To “Get Ready” For Missiles Into Syria?

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Donald Trump has taken to twitter to tell the Russians to “get ready” for missile strikes on Syria. This comes amidst reports of the Russians threatening to shoot down any missiles and target the launch sites. This comes after a suspected chemical weapons attack on Ghouta, allegedly conducted by the forces of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

Why would Assad, backed by Putin, do something so hideous right at the same time as Trump was planning to pull out in the first place. He was getting ready to pull out against his generals advice & then this conveniently happens?

All this just at a time when the ISIS forces in the country have been routed, spreading their jihad into Europe & beyond after the Russians came in and routed them?

On top of that, this comes just days after President Trump, against the advice from this Generals, announced his intention to pull US forces out of the area?

Assad & Putin done it, really? Seriously?

Just makes no sense, but nothing much does these days.

So, to get this right, President Trump is either falling for the false flag gas attack at the weekend, that came from the very same swamp monsters he vowed to go after, or he was always one of the biggest monsters in the swamp all along.

Reality is stranger than fiction!

This could be really serious, or at the same time it could be all smoke, mirrors and propaganda, i just dont know. I will let all of you make up your own minds and come to your own opinions, im just sharing mine.

What do you think, could we be on the brink of WW3?






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