Time To Talk About Time: Remembering The Future

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It’s time to open our minds for a conversation about, well, time. What is this thing we call time? We are constantly moving forward in time, all perceiving it differently on an individual basis, but just what is it? Is time even real?

Over the course of the past week or so, it seems like something out there has prompted me in the direction of talking about time. It all started when i settled down to watch the final season of 12 Monkeys tv series which deals with time travel. In the show they utilize a particle accelerator, not dissimilar from the one at CERN that i talk about all the time.

Without giving away spoilers, let me move on to the Freaky Friday show last week in which Joe Joseph brought up an article about some quantum strangeness that suggests the future can affect the past. Now, i know that is hard to wrap your head around, but you can check the article out here.

As if that wasn’t enough, i was tuning in to my Ground Zero podcast a couple of days ago & Clyde Lewis is talking about time. By this point i was aware that something in the universe was pushing me onto the time trail.

Then on the day of the show, i go to take a look for articles and there on the BBC website is a serious article about the latest attempts by scientists to prove or disprove the potential to travel through time.

You might think that would be enough to prompt anyone to do a show on time, but it didnt end there! Top of my Faceborg feed was a video about time being an illusion. The content of this video literally melted my mind. It was theorizing about the possibility that the past, present & future are all just moments taking place all at the same time.

Try this… Close your eyes and imagine what you will be doing this time tomorrow. Can you see it? Really go for it, visualize where you will be and what you will be doing.

Do you see it yet?

Well, what if that image you have isnt a product of you imagination. What if what you are seeing and thinking is actually you REMEMBERING what you are going to be doing tomorrow.

If future you is out there doing stuff all at the same time as we are in the present, and at the same time as all of your memories from the past are in fact playing out right now, then isnt it possible to remember the future?

Enjoy your time listening to the show, whatever time actually is.




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