Time To Talk About The Homeless

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KBS EP#1033

Jimmy Genes, Scotty Lopez join me for this powerful broadcast about homelessness.

We discuss how we take so much for granted and dont even realize how lucky some of us have it at times.

We talk about people that become homeless & how so many dont even take the time to look these people in the eye, something that costs us nothing at all but can have such a positive effect on those in that terrible situation.

Countries around the world show be ashamed of the fact that as we approach 2019 there is still millions of people without a roof over their heads. California, the world 5th largest economy is one such location where the problem is very evidence, with tax money not making it to where it should be going.

We are all humans, no matter what our circumstances, and before we stand in judgement of others, remember, being in that situation can happen to absolutely anyone, its only a few unfortunate episodes away at any given time.



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