The Template For A False Flag with Ole Dammegard

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Ole Dammegard joins me for this special broadcast to discuss false flag terror attacks & how they typically play out.

We discuss how Ole was informed by an inside source that he was missing some of the clues left at the scene of these events. This led Ole to spotting something very strange in the images released of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock that enabled him to successfully predict the next event would take place in Florida.

Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize, a Light House Award Nominee, and adopted by the Apache Nation, is an author, International speaker, former journalist, musician and investigator, who has dedicated the last 35 odd years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. Millions of viewers and listeners around the world have taken part of his interviews and presentations.

His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many, many more. He has done some 400-1000 International interviews (with a total of several millions of views) and is now considered a leading expert on false flag operations and is believed to have managed to expose and stop several planned massacres.

Ole has appeared as an International speaker in the USA, UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Gibraltar, Spain and Sweden. He was chosen to represent the people of Europe when giving a JFK-memorial speech in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 2016, as well as being one of the speakers at the World Peace Day in Gibraltar, 2017.

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