The Answer To COVID Is NOT 1984

Founder of the Oath Keepers organisation Stewart Rhodes, along with fellow oath keeper John Shirley joined Popeye (Rabbit Hole Radio) & I at the weekend for an emergency broadcast concerning the COVID19 lockdowns.

Freedoms are being stripped from citizens by governments around the world as we all try to stifle the spread of COVID19. Just how much of our freedoms are we going to have to relinquish between now & whenever the pandemic is deemed to be over? And will the world ever go back to the way it was before this pandemic?

We discuss everything from the origins of the virus, the potential for martial law & even the mark of the beat quantum tattoo that will contain medical/vaccination records on the citizens skin.

For years we have all been aware of the elites plan to form a global government & to centralize power in order for the few to control the many… and thats all of us! COVID19 seems to be giving these same elites every excuse they need to move on many fronts.

But they cant do this alone. They are using the police & military to enforce new laws that are coming at people in countries all around the world. This episode needs to be shared with police & military around the world, as a reminder about the oaths they have taken at a time when they may ordered to break them

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