Welcome To The Technium, The 7th Kingdom Of Life

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In this episode we are going to go over something that i ask you keep an open mind about. Dont react when you hear something totally opposed to your understanding or belief system, i just ask you contemplate what is being said and try to answer the questions asked in your own way, for we all have our own minds and opinions….

So, ive just recent finished Dan Brown’s latest book by the name of Origin. This book has everything we talk about on the show here woven into a typically fast paced Brown roller coaster of a journey for his main character, symbologist Robert Langdon.

With the story itself, without giving away too many spoilers, was based around a futurist seeking answers to 2 a couple of the most important questions we can ever ask…

Where do we come from?
Where are we going?

Where we come from is up for debate, but for tonight’s show let’s look to evolution and the biological classifications of life on this planet. Now I know some people will believe evolution is ridiculous and indeed blasphemous to the more religious out there, and that is ok, but please just keep an open mind for, if even just for this discussion.

Where we come from, be it like Darwin explained in his theories of evolution or even the garden of Eden itself, is set to be argued over long after we are gone & in reality, with so much of our history occulted by the powers that be, and those unknown unknows that we just don’t even have concepts for yet, means that we can’t definitively describe where we come from with any degree of accuracy.

Let’s say the story goes that out of the primordial soup, that was here on the chaotic planet back in THE day, over the course of millions of years of boiling and trothing, began to produce chemical bonds and combing together to form amino acids, the building blocks of life, that then developed into the first cellular organisms.

Biologists classify this as the first of 6 kingdoms of life.

I will post the following image in the chat room showing the 6 kingdoms of life on the planet today according to biologists.

So that takes us where we came from right up to where we are today, which still doesn’t answer the other question that we asked at the start.

Where are we going? Do we see us humans starting to evolve into something different? Do we see some new species emerging that is more dominant than us humans at the top of this food chain we have linked together?

Well, what if I was to tell you that there are no longer 6 kingdoms of life and there is a 7th, one co-existing around us in plain sight today.

That new species ladies and gentlemen is Technology.

The next evolutionary step?

Welcome to the 7th kingdom of life, the kingdom known as the Technium.

Take a listen to this…. (TED TALK by Kevin Kelly that was deleted from the Youtube version of the show)

So, that there is The Technium & that video is nothing new, in fact its about 8 years old now. Despite its age, I think the idea – I’m not saying this is all fact, you know I love to live in a dimension of speculation & conjecture – has a lot of merit.

Technology has been with us over the aeons of time, and over that time, just as we slowly advanced from the early days of hunting and gathering to where we are today, our technologies too have advance and improved up the technologies that went before it, evolving if you will.

The Technium is a super-organism of technology. It has its own force that it exerts. That force is part cultural (influenced by and influencing of humans), but it’s also partly non-human, partly indigenous to the physics of technology itself. The Technium is an idea put forward by Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of wired magazine, and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review. He has also been a writer, photographer, conservationist, and student of Asian and digital culture.

He put forward this notion of the 7th kingdom of Technology and the Technium in his 2010 book entitled “What Technology Wants” and we are now going to listen to one of his Ted Talks on this very subject.

The technologies that we have around us today, the robots, quantum computers & the AI are going to play a major part in the answer to our starting question of where are we going?

We’re going to go over some stories that point towards one type of destination for mankind and the technology that we share our dimension with. It’s a destination that the powers that be seem hell bent on taking us to, but if we think about my favourite subject of quantum physics, we know that nothing is definitive, but merely one of endless probabilities, so this is not about losing hope or being fearful, this is us just sitting down and me throwing out some ideas for us all to think about and ponder.

The “where are we going” from the psychopaths’ perspective is something that they want to control. That is why tonight we are going to hypothesise about our potential merger & symbiosis with the technology all around us. The same technology that will be used to generate the hyper reality of AI augmented & virtual worlds – and that is where we are going, into the literal matrix akin the one in the movie by the same name.

With the power of quantum computers & advance AI, the rulers of this planet are able to view into the future to see just where we are heading. This allows them to steer us in certain directions via social media & other technologies to achieve their evil goal of total control of the entire population. The direction they want to push us into is a merger, physically & mentally, with the technology to entrap us in their matrix of total control.

Its impossible to know exactly where we are going, but its not hard to see the direction we are being pushed.

So, just where are we going? What is your answer to this question?

Does the human race continue to live side by side with technology?

Are we merely here to build the machines that are set to replace us?

To find out what Johnny Whistles & I think be sure to listen to the full show.


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