AI, Targeted Citizens & The Phoenix Program Of The Digital Age

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Dr Eric Karlstrom joins me to talk about how the Jade II AI system, artificial intelligence, 5G, targeted individuals & more as we connect more of the dots that make up this ultimate system of control.

In our previous episode of KBS, i was talking with Elana Freeland about how 5G fits into this surveillance/control grid & this show takes things even further by showing the role that AI is playing in this system.

We mention the work of a researcher that show to attention during the 2015 Jade Helm exercise in the USA, DJ Welsh. I have included some of her presentation at the bottom of this article.

We talk extensively about the JADE software that has full command-and-control capabilities, and we speculate is operating today.

JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) is a knowledge-based mixed-initiative system that supports force deployment planning and management. JADE uses case-based and generative planning methods to support the development of large-scale, complex deployment plans in minimal time. JADE incorporates the technology of three tools: Prodigy-Analogy (a combined case-based and generative planner developed by Carnegie Mellon University); ForMAT (Force Management and Analysis Tool) that supports case-based force deployment planning developed by BBN Technologies); and PARKA (a highly-indexed knowledge based management system developed by the University of Maryland).

With JADE, a military planner can build a preliminary force deployment plan, including the Time Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD) in less than one hour. This speed in plan construction is possible because JADE supports the rapid retrieval and reuse of previous plan elements for use in the development of new plans. In addition, JADE employs an easy to use map-oriented drag and drop interface where force modules (FMs) from previous plans (cases) whose force capabilities and composition match the requirements of the current situation can be dragged from the case library and dropped onto a geographic destination. Plan modification and/or adaption is supported through remindings, e.g., each time that a force module is created or is copied into a plan (TPFDD) the user is automatically reminded of the need for geographical changes.

With support from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), JADE researchers have been able to apply academic research to an area of military operational planning and scheduling. JADE is a solution to the challenge of rapidly producing force deployment plans and is currently available for transition to the operational military planning community. This report describes JADE, its current status, and the results of two recent efforts to transition JADE to the operational environment, e.g., JEFX 2000 (Joint Expeditionary Force experiment) and ACOA (Adaptive Course of Action).



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