SOULutions, PSI Self-Defense, AI, Mogellons & More w/JoJo Seebacher

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KBS Ep#1034

Jojo Seebacker is our special guest in this episode & we discuss a whole host of topics including mind control, the soul, psi-self defence, morgellons, artificial intelligence, frequency, soul families & more!

Jojo will be coming back onto the show early in 2019.


Jolene JoJo Seebacher is a counselor and teacher specializing in helping targeted individuals, experiencers including abductees and love bite victims, MiLabs, SRA victims and program project survivors, as well as the newly awakened. I speak publicly worldwide and am a survivor myself with an incredible life story.

For the last 14 years JoJo hasbeen running services called “Session Work” teaching something called The 5 Foundations and Psi-self Defense and Protection Techniques to these classifications of individuals.

Ultimately promoting SELF HEALING and teaching against the New (C)Age agendas.

Please contact Jolene JoJo Seebacher on Facebook or my public page “SOULutions at Spiritual Life Journeys” on Facebook.

To contact JoJoCLICK HERE!


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