Bonkers Boris & Our Simulation With The Simulation

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FREAKY FRIDAY, EP#162 – Our Simulation Within The Simulation.

Johnny Whistes returns & opens up by unloading on one the UK’s leading politicians, the high-functioning idiot knows as Boris Johnson. This character has often shown what a fool he can be at times & now he is playing with fire by continuing to make accusations against Russia despite no evidence to back up any of his claims. Imagine someone like Johnson picking a fight with a nuclear power at a time when we have no armed forces left to defend us!

Then its into the strange stuff with some quick stories from the world of cryptozoology, including werefolf & dogman sightings reported recently.

Quantum physics & all the strangeness that comes with it comes up during the conversation. This is one of the key fields of research that brings together science & spirituality. Everything in this universe is seemingly connected through quantum entanglement & the elites know this. This is why there is such a drive to make the quantum computers that they believe can literally hack our reality & eventually create a virtual world indistinguishable from the one we live in now.

From there we embark on a journey that has us questioning reality, and just what its about and how does it work? Could we be a Virtual Reality simulation? Are the elites attempting to insert us into a new Virtual Reality via brain uploads, nanotechnology, 5g & a quantum computer?

Would we even be aware of the switch if we woke up one morning and the transfer to the new virtual world is complete?

Please enjoy the show, keep an open mind & dare to imagine!

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