The Shocking Truth About Forced LIVE Organ Harvesting

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Over the course of the time I have being doing KBS we have uncovered some very uncomfortable truths along the way. Im thinking of the Hampstead case & more recently everything that came to light during the Pizzagate investigations. That shed light on the darker topics of satanic child abuse & human trafficking. These are the subjects that people are aware of but don’t want to talk about.

I was contacted a short time ago about another disturbing truth we all must know about, & that is the forced live organ harvesting business, with its epicentre in China. Furthermore, it’s about the targeting and persecution of the Fulan Gong practioners around the country.
In this episode we are joined by Mitchell Nicholas Gerber to hear all about how there is extensive evidence suggesting that hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been killed for their organs in China.

What will be even more shocking to you, the listeners, is just who is behind this most evil crime.

Mitchell Nicholas Gerber is an entrepreneur and activist from Johannesburg, South Africa, who has dedicated over 17 years to help expose one of the most brutal persecutions and human rights atrocities in modern history. The Chinese Communist regime in China has mandated forced live organ harvesting on countless innocent people from the spiritual movement, namely Falun Gong and others; who have been rounded up, sent to State mandated Hospitals; their organs cut out of their bodies while ALIVE; the organs then are sold for large profit and their bodies are burned in ovens to remove the evidence in the boiler room ovens of the hospitals.

Mitchell seeks to increase the world’s awareness, so we can rid the world of this atrocity. Moreover, Mitchell wants people to stand in support of upholding the dignity of Falun Gong and become deeply aware about this new form of evil against this innocent group of people and others.; that will soon leave the worlds’ people numb, soul stirred and shocked that this has been going on for the last 18+ years and continues to this day. Mitchell asks you for your awareness and support and to share with your colleagues, friends and families about this atrocity! He stands on the principle that to fail to support the Good and to fail to expose the Evil in this world is Unacceptable. Thus, we as human beings must have the courage to not remain silent, but to step forward and do what is Right and to make China, where evil is occurring, the centre of our attention.





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