The Reptilian Connection To London & The Bloodlines

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Just recently on The Kev Baker Show i was joined by Charlie Robinson to discuss his recent trip to London to film a segment for Russia Today. One of the main things that Charlie noticed during his time in London was the amount of statues that appeared to be paying homage to, wait for it… reptilians!

In the video below we go on to discuss all of this & how it connects to the Royal family. Im not saying that the Queen is shapeshifting over dinner, but at the same time i cant say she isnt! There’s a hell of a lot of strangeness when it comes to that creepy family & nothing would surprise me!

In the days after the show I started to notice stories on the internet that were related to this very same topic… reptiles & reptilians. That provided the impetus for the weekend stream to take a look deeper at all of this reptilian stuff & what it may or may not mean.

L.A. Marzulli then appeared on the show & we discussed the potential Nephilim connection to the earthworks & mounds in North America.

Whether its reptilian shape-shifters and/or fallen angels, perhaps they are all one in the same, all i do know is that reality is so much more strange than most people would be comfortable with

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