Quantum Time Machine & Our Assimilation Into The Matrix

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Just yesterday on The Freedom Link with my good friend Joe Joseph we were discussing the fact that despite technology making our lives seemingly so much more convenient with apps designed to save us time, it seems as if we are having less and less time in the day to do things! Its like some kind of paradox.

At the time i threw out the idea of us experiencing some kind of information overload in the universe which is affecting our time itself. Its just an idea, and it may sound strange, but strange is where we operate these days.

The this morning, to continue the strangeness i get up & i get a link from my researcher & friend Alistair that led me to a story about a quantum computer that had reversed the direction of time. They say This study could rewrite our understanding of time a process of governing the universe.

The experiment itself was conducted on a quantum computer constructed of electron qubits. Remember, A qubit is a unit of information described by a “one”, a “zero”, or a mixed “superposition” of both states.

In the experiment, an “evolution program” was launched which caused the qubits to become an increasingly complex changing pattern of zeros and ones.

The new experiment is like giving the pool table such a perfectly calculated kick that the balls rolled back into an orderly pyramid.

The scientists found that, working with just two qubits, “time reversal” was achieved with a success rate of 85 per cent. When three qubits were involved more errors occurred, resulting in a 50 per cent success rate

But this goes against the second law of thermodynamics, which explains that systems progress in one direction only, from order to disorder .. from order to chaos….. yet the experiment suggests bringing things back from that chaos to order, sound familiar?

And then something weird happens… just as im thinking about all of what ive said already & trying to work a show around it, i got a message from a Facebook contact & listener to the show Brodie, talking about Facebook censorship. That caused me to go take a look at what was going on and i was met with “we are having problems accessing this account” – Facebook was down! not only Facebook, but i soon came to leave Instagram & messenger were all having issues too.

This got me wondering what was going on and immediately my mind goes to updates or tweaking of the algorithms, so i head over to twitter to see the response of people from around the world and its the typical mix of people freaking out & funny memes. Facebook are adamantly claiming they were not hacked, rather a database overload led to the outages that went on for hours.

But it got me thinking …..

What is really going on with this outage? On the same day we hear about time reversal we suffer a massive glitch in the matrix. Now i know its a stretch to directly connect the two, but if we are in some kind of matrix, and we just created a way to hack the time code, then we may just be seeing evidence of glitches in the matrix?

I discuss all of this and more with Ryan Gable from The Secret Teachings & Joe Joseph!


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  • Quantum computing
  • The multiverse
  • Interdimensional entities
  • CERN
  • Technology
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  • and more…..

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