Propaganda Wars & Spy Games

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Propaganda Wars & Spy Games | KBS Ep#890

In this episode of KBS we discuss the latest anti-Russian propaganda being pushed by the main stream media on behalf of their government handlers. China are the latest country to talk about the alleged poisoning of ex-KGB spy Sergei Skripov, but unlike all the other countries siding with the British, the Chinese are asking to see the evidence before jumping to dangerous conclusions.

Cambridge Analytica have been featured in the news lately with the Facebook users data scandal refusing to go away.

I have suggested that this company is in effect a front for MI5/MI6 since the start of this scandal & today the whistleblower at the centre of the story made some dramatic claims to a committee at the House of Lords – he claims he got the job after his predecessor died from poisoning in a Kenyan hotel room after a deal went bad. Simply a data company, or as i suggest, a spook front? We discuss this and more…

Then to wrap things up we go over a story about the city of Atlanta being hacked and held to ransom. Could this be the pretext to move government systems onto a quantum network? That leads us into D-Wave news & a loose connection to Qanon.



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