Polar Vortex, Magnetic Shift & Ice Age Cycles

Kev Baker, Joe Joseph, Scott Lopez, Jimmy Genes & the man himself, Johnny Whistles discuss the recent cold snap brought on by the polar vortex dipping south. Could this be a sign that we are about to enter a cooling period? Are the magnetic poles shifting playing a part?


More & more these days we are hearing about the potential for the planet entering a cooling period, as opposed to the warming scam pushed not that long ago.

On Freaky Friday we have often covered stories indicating we may be heading into a ice-age type period. This week the polar vortex has sent temperatures in some parts of the US below that experienced on Antarctica.

Let me be clear, we are not saying this cold snap is the start of the ice age. That said, we do discuss whether these temperatures could be a sign that we are headed towards a severed cooling period.

The Earth’s magnetic field has been acting erratically for some time & the polar north is picking up speed as it heads towards Siberia. Just what effect may this have on the planet?

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