Playing The Earth Game – Human Consciousness Grid & Mandela Effects

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Yesterday on The Kev Baker Show I was joined by The Quantum Businessman, Chris Anatra, to discuss the research he is doing concerning the Mandela Effect & the holographic nature of reality. We spoke ahead of the YouTube premiere of episode six in a series of videos, the latest of which is entitled “Human Consciousness Grid” (all videos included in order at bottom of this article).

Chris is the President and CEO of a computer software technology company named NECS, Inc, which deals with the needs of food distribution companies. Some time ago he & his programmers started to notice discrepancies in some of the order amounts & even the company names of the products in their inventory. This led Chris to discover something that we all call the Mandela Effect (ME) & started him on a journey of discovery that includes but is not restricted to the nature of reality, quantum physics & the holographic nature of the universe.

Just before the latest episode Premiered on YouTube, Chris joined me to discuss his journey so far. We first spoke 9 months ago & Chris has been very busy since then, travelling to German, Italy & other countries as he started to connect the many dots that has led him to claim, and i tend to agree, that we are in something Chris calls “The Earth Game”, where moves that are made on a cosmic chess board of sorts, manifests itself here in our physical reality.

We are all here as players in the game & Chris is determined to help more people wake up to something we have always known – that we, as players, can have a huge impact on the game, which translates to positive changes to the timelines, of which there are many. We must always try to climb the levels, ascend up the timelines towards the positive one we all crave.

So by now you are probably thinking, “but what about the Mandela Effect?”. We address that during last nights conversation & Chris sees the ME’s akin to the Easter eggs that game developers hide within their games as a reward for those players that go out their way to find them.

But less from me, and lets get into the information that we went over yesterday…..

During last nights conversation we spoke about a number of topics that are included in Chris’s previous videos. These topics include the fascinating idea that there is a quantum entanglement between Adolf Hitler & Charlie Chaplin. The two were born only days apart & Chris breaks down how their eye colours, which have changed thanks to those pesky Mandela Effects, links into what he calls “positive & negative timeline insertions.

We also discuss the late sci-fi author Philip K. Dick making some of the first public statements about something we now call the Mandela Effects many years ago. He also wrote “The Man In The High Castle”, which was recently adapted into a hit TV series, that deals with the Nazi’s winning WW2…. on one timeline, and their quest to conquer them all. Could Philip K. Dick have given us an insight into how the world really world? All of this & so much more in the series below. Watch them in order to follow along with Chris’s research right from the beginning.


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