Nanobots & Synthetic Bodies

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The Anthony Patch Show, Ep#82

Anthony Patch & co-host Kev Baker cover nanoparticles and the 3D printing of human bodies, employing the statements made by the researchers involved in these technologies.

The ‘Synths’ as these bodies literally are being labeled by their creators. Not nuts and bolts robots, but biological-based synthetic humanoid bodies.

‘Synth’ is not just a term out of the UK science fiction show to describe these humanoids, its actually the language used by those at the forefront of this weird branch of science.

Dr Suzanne Gildert is on of the pioneers of this technology & included below are two previous episodes in which you can hear her talk about all about her desire to create robots that are indistinguishable from humans.

When you watch the TV show Westworld, be aware that you are watching something more akin to a documentary foreshadowing what is just around the corner in the real world.



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