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The Spiritual Warrior Bill Bean joins us to go over a recent deliverance that makes the stuff of horror movies look tame in comparison. From there we get into some shocking Mandela Effects that will make you question just what is going on in this time we live in.

Bill begins by going over a recent deliverance he performed in Florida. Here is Bills account of the event…

I arrived at the home of client around 4:30pm on Saturday March 31, 2018. She greeted me at the door and my first impression was that she was a very nice lady. However, I could feel the presence of evil right away. After several prayers, I sat down with client, and then we were joined by her husband. She was telling me about the family history practicing Santeria (Carribean Voodoo) and how she was victimized as a child. I noticed that her eyes were fluttering quite a bit and that she was having breathing discomfort at times.

She was also having problems focusing and paying attention. She repeatedly put her right hand over he right ear, as she was hearing mumbles voices in her head. We talked for quite a while after her husband had sat down with us. We discussed her current problems and certain family dynamics etc….

I told her that I wanted to perform the deliverance while she was standing in her bathtub. The final part of the plan was for me to baptize her right after the deliverance. Husband filled the tub and I came in a few minutes later to bless the water. I could sense her uneasiness as she was getting ready to step into the water.

After I blessed the water, husband helped her in and I began to pray over her. Seconds later she passed out, her body dropping into the water. Her husband and I both reached out and grabbed a hold of her to ease her down into the water. He was tapping her face, asking her to wake up. Then she suddenly awakened and her eyes were bulging, and she began to roar and thrash around in the tub.

(Her eyes had rolled back into her head and only the white part was visible, and she was now under full demonic possession!)

I had to continue with the exorcism/deliverance, while remaining in control of the situation. Her husband stayed right with me in helping to physically subdue her. Her neck was bulging out in a way that seemed unnatural and not humanly possible. I have seen this before in other clients who were possessed, but her neck was bulging out even more than the previous clients.

She was fighting us and thrashing around in the tub. Her tongue was thrashing about as well, moving from side to side and in every direction. She tried to bite my hand a few times, and then the roars, screams and cackling laughter returned. This went on for at least ten minutes, and it sounded like other voices had joined in with hers. No matter how many times I perform these exorcism / deliverances, it’s still very disturbing to actually see and hear these things taking place.

(I also noticed a foul, rotted type of smell while this was taking place)

I continued to bind and rebuke the demonic forces from her by the mighty power of YAHWEH in Jesus name, and it continued to fight for quite a while until the power of GOD overcame the power of the devil. then she vomited and once that happened, she was set free from the devil.

She began to cry and then her husband embraced her. I was not only overjoyed but very relieved as well because this was escalating into very dangerous territory. The husband drained and refilled the tub and then I baptized her and joy had once again flooded the room. I proceeded to got through the entire house, blessing it, sealing up portals from the devil and making sure that no demons were hiding anywhere.

Lastly I gathered the family together, prayed over them and left them in peace………..

It was yet another very violent, intense and memorable case, that I will not soon forget……….

GOD wins again and I can never thank and praise HIM enough!

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As we move further into the show Bill goes over the most memorable deliverances he has participated in. This should leave no one in any doubt as to the power of the dark forces at work. To witness an event anything like the ones Bill describes would leave even the most skeptical of people in no doubt that there is indeed demonic entities at work in this reality.

Then as we get towards the end of the show I ask Bill about another line of research he is conducting – Mandela effects corrupting the King James Bible. Check out Bills website dedicated to this HERE!

Before getting to the bible changes, we talk about something that Bill was recently made aware of, and this will shock you. On the roof of the Sistine Chapel complete with the famous work of Michael Angelo, there now sits a rear view of God, and i mean literally a “rear” view. God in the image below appears to be baring his behind! I personally have no recollection of this ever been a part of the Sistine Chapel art.

Then, right at the end of the show we get into a bible change that will most likely offend Christians across the board. Do you ever remember reading this in the King James Bible….

Isaiah 36:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 But Rabshakeh said, Hath my master sent me to thy master and to thee to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men that sit upon the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?

Remember to check out Bill’s new book “The Connection”

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Learn how Bill struggled mightily with depression, along with demonic oppression. He takes the reader on a journey through the bad times, and then by mid-book, he sheds light on his miraculous transformation by the power of GOD.

“GOD has truly transformed me from victim to Victor!” Bill Bean

Bill has also stated that he could not be where he is today in helping to free others, had he not been there to experience all of the horrible things that he did. Bill Bean currently travels all over America performing exorcism / spiritual deliverance for many who are in need. He also is a life-coach and helps people world-wide.

The Connection will show you how to transform your life through a personal relationship with GOD (YAHWEH) and HIS son Jesus Christ. It’s a power-packed book from the first until the last page, and is also an instruction guide on how to keep your connection with GOD strong.

Bill Bean is a living witness to the power and miracles of GOD, and he wants to see everyone living in peace, freedom and victory. There are many great bible passages in the book, along with prayers, affirmations and ten steps to employ into your everyday life. Pick up a copy today and may it change your life!


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