The Economist “The World In 2019” Cover Images for KBS Listeners

Nanogirl is back on KBS to decode The Economist cover for “The World In 2019” & here are all the images we are discussing!

These should help you as a visual guide to what we are talking about on the show.

Please remember, in attempting to find the deeper meaning of what is encoded into the cover, it can be subjective & our views, opinions are just that, our views & opinions. It may, or may not, line up with what it is you see within the images & that is perfectly alright. Its be sharing our thoughts & listening to alternative ideas, that we are able to gain that bigger picture which is potentially contained within the material.

With The World In 2019 being the 33rd Edition & with the world on edge & in a state of flux like ive never seen before, this cover may be the most important to date.

Full cover

We can see the “mirror writing” that Di Vinci was fond of on the cover. Below i have flipped the images so you can read the text more easily & perhaps there are more clues in the flipped images.

Vitruvian Man was based on the works of Roman architect Vitruvius, consided the worlds “first grand master” of Freemasonry

Was the #MeToo movement controlled from the start? Is it to continue?

DNA – The transformation of man?


Facial Recognition

Could that be an upside down American flag?

Our returning to the moon 500 years after Di Vinci was thinking about it?

Britain beyond BREXIT

The Four Horsemen

Who is telling the fibs? Fake News every time they speak?


Mona Angelina

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