The Darker Side Of The MoMo Challenge & Slender Man

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We live in an age driven by technology. More & more of our waking lives are spent online & that has given birth to a number of memes & challenges that come our way from time to time. Some fun, some harmless, but some, well they just seem to take on a life of their own.

Just last week i was joined by Ryan Gable and we spoke about the Slender Man phenomena & speculated it may be something evil, from another dimension, appears to be influencing events in our space-time. We mentioned that it is similar to something referred to as a shapeshifter, taking on various forms & guises.

Since that show with Ryan, one such character has re-emerged onto the internet & its called MoMo. This is sometimes referred to as the MoMo Challenge or the WhatsApp suicide game & involves young children being targeted online & being encourage to take part in a series of dares. They are told if they tell their parents then something bad will happen to them. On top of the dares, there are violent images sent to the “players” and ultimately they are told to commit suicide as the final stage of the game.

The character MoMo is a pale faced, over sized mouthed & bulging eyed figure, with legs like a bird. It was originally a sculpture made in Japan going by the name of Mother Bird. During the show we discuss how other entities are described as having bird legs have been written about over the ages. The description also sounds eerily similar to the Slender Man with the pale skin a shared trait.

Although the MoMo challenge was reported as a having reached its world wide peak in the summer of 2018, there were relatively few cases being reported to police. Unfortunately a number of deaths have been connected to this most evil of “games”, and now its back, in a big way. Stories all over the UK media & Police Scotland tweeting to parents warning of this online after it arrived in the UK this month.

We are told that the game is put out there by nefarious hackers, looking to steal personal data. But this is something far bigger in my opinion, so big it reaches from this world into the next. Scammers looking to steal data doesnt explain this at all.

So just what is the driving force if not scammer and con artists? Could we be looking at something from another dimension playing a part in all of this. Could AI, an entity in its own right, be playing this sick game?

Is there some shape shifting entity taking on the form of Momo, or the Slender Man, to gain a foothold in our world?

The recent Netflix phenomena called “Stranger Things” depicts and entity for another dimension called “the upside down” that is reaching into our space & time, targeting young children. Just what are the directors really trying to tell us in that show which has been viewed by millions of people all around the world?

The show “Stranger Things” centers around experiments being conducted by the US Dept. Of Energy… Then, back in the real world, the head of the DoE was interviewed by Chelsea Handler on her show Chelsea, and he had this to say….

And how much do we ourselves play a part in the creation of our own monsters?

Ryan Gable, host of The Secret Teachings, joins me to discuss all of this & more on the show.


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