Media Q’ing Up To Censor Us All

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One of the most interesting internet phenomenons of recent times has hit the mainstream in a big way. I am of course talking about Qanon & the its army of loyal followers.

Qanon, an anonymous poster on popular forum 4chan, claims to have inside knowledge of what is going on in the Trump administration & appears to be determined to inspire a legion of followers to help bring down the deep state.

At recent Trump rally Q moved from the internet out into the real world. The crowd was filled with banners supporting the online mystery whistle-blower that has now built up a legion of support from around the world.

Check out some of the quotes in the main stream….

A sprawling, endlessly complicated pro-Trump conspiracy theory has jumped from fringe social media sites to mainstream attention.

BBC News

Conspiracy theories create order out of chaos, attempting to make sense of events that don’t make sense. And researchers have found that fact-based arguments against them only serve to reinforce them in the minds of believers. That’s what makes QAnon or Sandy Hook trutherism or any other conspiracy theory so difficult to combat: Because conspiracy theories aren’t based on facts, conspiracy theorists aren’t receptive to them either.


Qanon followers are celebrating the coverage their unknown source is now getting on mainstream media.

Qanon’ers are saying the attention from the press is proof they are onto something, like the old saying goes, you get the most flak when directly over the target.

However, there is one other situation that can bring such flak, in this instance media attention – that is when you have walked straight into the middle of a well planned ambush.

Think about it this way. Why would the mockingbird, controlled media, draw even more attention to the hideous truths by covering the story?

Coverage of the topic only multiplies the amount of people looking into the material Qanon continues to post on a daily basis. As opposed to trying to cover-up what is going on, it would back fire & more people would start to follow the Q posts.

We know that the media always have an agenda. If they are talking about something, they are doing it for a reason. So why are the media talking about Q now?

What we are seeing is starting, in my opinion, to look like what happened when the press launched a campaign to kill a story that became known as #Pizzagate.

Let me take you back to the time of the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Leaked emails published by Wikileaks exposed some genuinely sick & disturbing stuff with known pedophile codes being used by Obama, Hilary Clinton, John Podesta & others.

The emails were largely ignored by the media & it was left to those of us in the alternative media to expose the shocking information contained in the Wikileaks dump.

Then the focus was shifted as information came to light regarding a pizza shop in the Washington district, where it was alleged high ranking politicians would allegedly take part in unspeakable acts against children.

Alternative researchers, bloggers & podcasters all started to dig deep into the restaurant & the owners. Strange art, very questionable tweets & other links to pedophilia all pointed towards this being the centre of an elite pedophile ring.

That was when the media stepped in with massive, multi-network coverage of this “Pizzagate Conspiracy” & the emails were forgotten as the public’s attention was engineered away from there & towards the pizza shop.

This culminated with a questionable shooting that took place at the very same pizza shop at the centre of the scandal, committed of course by, you guessed it, someone that had being investigating this “crazy conspiracy theory” as the media went on to report.

Before we knew it, the term #Pizzagate had been weaponized and used to make people think it was all a crazy conspiracy theory (which it is not!).

This is what the media do, its how they roll. In the minds of the masses they still control, these things become “fake news”.

And that takes me back to what we are now seeing playing out with Qanon.

Fans of bizarre ‘QAnon’ cult show up in droves at Trump rally with signs and t-shirts promoting group spun off from #Pizzagate pedophilia conspiracy theory

Daily Mail

See how the headlines are linking the whole Qanon topic with #Pizzagate? That is because they know that it will immediately make some people turn away from the whole topic.

Let me state right here & now, for the purpose of this article, it doesn’t matter if Qanon is the real deal, was genuine but co-opted at some stage or even a total psy-op from the start. Its what it will now be used for that is of most importance for it is set to affect us all in a big way.

Just yesterday I covered information about Google working with the Chinese government on a restricted version of their search engine. Censorship of information on the internet is about to step up big time. That is why i think people following Q & sharing the information coming out right now need to be very wary indeed.

At this point let introduce the testimony that has come out from Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy, a self-confessed follower of the Qanon posts since they started back in October 2017. He has being making waves with his video posts that make serious allegations against people such as Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg.

Kappy is quick to point out he is a follower of Qanon, which i think is very important to keep in mind. He is association himself & his thus far unproven claims against house hold names with the internet sensation that is Qanon.

I will be the first to cover stories exposing the crimes of these animals, be they from Hollywood or wherever, but there just seems to be something not right about Kappy.

It could just be me, but my gut is telling me to be very careful with the information he is putting out there. Its like the information about the pizza shop. Its so compelling and fits with what we know is going on that it can be easy to just run with it without any actual evidence other than that of a known actor.

When something is too good to be true, it usually is. An effective way to inject disinfo is to tell people something that already fits with their preconceived ideas.

That said, if Kappy is proven right & bare in mind he is not facing any law suits for his allegations, yet, then i will be the first to applaud him for his bravery, but something feels off!

To me we are seeing the re-run of how the cover-up of Pizzagate played out.

Lets just say that Kappy, an actual actor, is being used to play his part. In this scenario he puts out false information that everyone is quick to run with, repost & share, without any actual evidence of any crimes.

This, like the pizza shop in Washington, will be used to make all Q posters & anyone into alternative media look like we are stupid, dangerous even.

This is one way in which Qanon could be used to bring in the net censorship that we know is waiting to be rolled out.

The media, just by the very fact they are talking about Q, demonstrates that they are trying to get a reaction from their viewers that still believe everything they are told on the news. This is why i say it matters not one jot if Qanon is fake, real, AI or otherwise.

The end result will be the same. More net censorship & all of the real investigation into the sick deeds of the elites left to lie in ruins.

The upcoming elections in the US could also see Qanon & followers of the unknown poster shadow banned or worse on social media for meddling with the campaign. With Q being associated with the right in the media, it would be fair to say that some of the revealing information brought forth by Q could be deemed to be influencing voters one way or another.

Im not here to bash Q, merely sharing my thoughts & fears as i watch the main stream launch what is undoubtedly a directed operation. There is something bigger than even Q going on here.

My message to Q & the followers is this – dont be too quick to celebrate this new found fame, it may just be blinding you as to what is really playing out. Secondly, dont play into the stereotype the media are using by attacking me or anyone else that dares to talk about Q in this way.


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