Living Life On Purpose & Strange Things Happening Underground

Nanogirl is back on the show with me to talk about her thoughts on everything going on in the world. Join us for some cutting edge conversation & lots of speculation along the way.

Here is an amazing extract from the show….

We discuss the weird clock that Jeff Bezos has spent $42million inside a Texas mountain. Talking of Texas, why is it Tesla, Oracle & others are moving there? What about the story a few years ago about people moving to New Zealand? And just what is going on with all these particle accelerators?

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Living Life On Purpose with NanoGirl

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As always, Nano has put together an amazing array of slides that cover all of the topics which she has been looking at since her last visit to the show. Click the links to open up to follow along with the show & use them as your own research tools.

Kev Baker Show February 23 – Slide 1

Kev Baker Show February 23 – Slide 2

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