Human-Level Intelligence & Rise Of The Synth

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Anthony Patch & Kev Baker reveal the newest company from D-Wave: Sanctuary, and demonstrate the dark, gothic, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired research and development of a new race, known as “synths” , as demonstrated through several sound clips of one of Sanctuary’s founders; Dr. Suzanne Gildert, who promotes the merging of humans with these HLI (Human-level Intelligence), conscious and sentient sythetic “robots” being constructed by her former employer, Kindred Robotics. She is doing this with Sanctuary co-founder; Geordie Rose.

Contained within this episode we have used sound clips from Dr Suzanne Gildert to confirm everything we have said about AI. These are some of most profound sound clips that PROVE we are moving into a future that will see humans having to make a choice, not my words mine, a choice of whether or not to fully merge with the machines.



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