Greenland Iceberg Set To Hit Village Amidst Tsunami Fears

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A MASSIVE iceberg is heading straight to a village in Greenland causing fears of a TSUNAMI if it breaks apart.

When i first seen images of the iceberg i had to look again to makes sure it wasn’t photo-shopped.

The Express reports…

Residents of the coastal village of Innaarsuit were evacuated on Friday morning, according to Greenland police spokeswoman Lina Davidson.

She said: “Its residents were evacuated in the early hours of Friday in fears that a flood would hit the place as a result of the broken iceberg.

“All the people in the danger area have been evacuated to a building that is further up in the village. The evacuation happened only because the iceberg is so close to the village.

“We fear the iceberg could calve and send a flood towards the village.’

Residents are used to seeing icebergs but nothing on this scale. I will keep readers up to date with any developments in this story.

It got me to thinking about information I have seen on the net in recent weeks concerning sun spots & the potential for a “maunder minimum” style cooling period on the planet. This flies in the face of the “climate change” propaganda that pushes the idea we are going to be experiencing an increase in global temperatures.

Despite what Al Gore may try to tell you, the major driver of climate on this planet, and all the other planets throughout the solar system is the sun. In recent weeks it has been reported that there are very few sun spots being detected on the surface. Over a 15 day period no sun spots were recorded, leading some scientists to believe a cooling period is on the way.

The Maunder Minimum was a period of low sun spot activity & occurred between the mid-1600’s & 1700.

The Maunder Minimum roughly coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America experienced colder than average temperatures. Whether there is a causal relationship, however, is still controversial. Research at the Technical University of Denmark and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked large solar eruptions to changes in the Earth’s cloud cover and clouds are known to affect global temperatures. The current best hypothesis for the cause of the Little Ice Age is that it was the result of volcanic action. The onset of the Little Ice Age also occurred well before the beginning of the Maunder minimum.

The correlation between low sunspot activity and cold winters in England has recently been analyzed using the longest existing surface temperature record, the Central England Temperature record. They emphasize that this is a regional and seasonal effect relating to European winters, and not a global effect. A potential explanation of this has been offered by observations by NASA’s Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment, which suggest that solar UV output is more variable over the course of the solar cycle than scientists had previously thought. In 2011, an article was published in the Nature Geoscience journal that uses a climate model with stratospheric layers and the SORCE data to tie low solar activity to jet stream behavior and mild winters in some places (southern Europe and Canada/Greenland) and colder winters in others (northern Europe and the United States). In Europe, examples of very cold winters are 1683–84, 1694–95, and the winter of 1708–09.

Also happening right now is the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field. There is even talk of an imminent magnetic polar reversal. Add to this the unprecedented number of volcanoes that are in a state of eruption right now. Massive cracks are opening up in multiple continents with Kenya being one of many.

Crack opens up in Kenya. Is the African continent splitting in two?

Things are changing on the planet at an ever increasing pace. With that said though, dont be fooled into thinking these changes are the cause of 7 billion plus people clinging to this rock. That is what the powers-that-shouldn’t-be want you to think.

We are living in one of the most interesting periods of time to have taken place of the timeline of not only our species, but of the entire planet itself.

So make the most of this heatwave, the cold stuff could be just around the corner.


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