Glitches In The Matrix with Exorcist Bill Bean

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In this episode of KBS, im joined by my good friend “The Spiritual Warrior”, deliverance minister/exorcist Mr Bill Bean. We talk about the strange animal behavior being displayed by some animals around the planet, the amount of people hearing voices in the heads & the strange incidents involving aircraft suffering from cracked/damaged windows.

We also cover something rather disturbing, the changing in appearance of statues including the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC & the faces of the presidents on Mount Rushmore. All this and more with one of our favourite guests on KBS!


We open up the conversation by talking about more strange animal behaviour, a continuation of something Bill spoke of in our last episode together.

In this case there is a video of a mountion lion swimming along side a boat in California. This just looks so out of place, but this is how reality is starting to change all around us.

Bill & I then discuss the disturbing trend of aircraft having problems with the windscreens & passenger windows. We discuss what may be causing this & Bill even shares he is reconsidering his travel arrangements due to increased strangeness in the skies.

We discuss the possible changes some of the statues in the USA. This may seem strange, but listen in to us describing what is going on and check out these videos here.

With all of the new science of quantum computing that brings with it the tunneling to other dimensions, it seems to us like reality is being altered all around us. The world we all live in today is ever changing, with event from the past being altered to everything around us today just seeming, well, different. The Mandela Effect, a term-coined by writer Fiona Broome, was the beginning stages of us starting to notice the changes, but for how long, and how far reaching, have things been altered irreparably?

Another change that Bill noticed people talking about takes us back to airplanes & the positioning of their engines.

Finally, and I type this hard on my keyboard with the anger it generates, is the story about a self admitted pervert pedophile running for political office. Not only that, he somehow, scarily, managed to garnish 1000 signatures to do so. If this doesnt make you angry, i dont know what will?


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