Giants, Ancient Aliens, Hidden Human Origins & Escaping The Prison Planet

Brad Olsen joins me on this episode of KBS & the conversation that ensued was mind blowing! We discuss Brad’s latest book ‘Beyond Esoteric’ & our conversation covers so many of the topics found in the book. From giants & the Announaki, all the way to the holographic nature of reality & how we escape the matrix, we cover it all, and then some!

We open up the conversation by diving into the world of giant skeletons. Brad covers this extensively in the book & its also something that we talk about a lot on KBS. Brad talks the giant skeletons that were discovered in the Love Lock caves in 1912. As is the case with so many of these types of discoveries, information about the find was quickly suppressed by the Smithsonian Institute. This is something that multiple guests have covered on the show before.

What some people might not know is that its rumored that the billionaire Robert Bigalow purchased one of the Love Lock cave giant skeletons. Bigalow is a very interesting character & the man behind Bigalow Aerospace, the organisation that was working with the  Pentagon’s AATIP (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program) on advanced projects & allegedly working with materials covered from downed alien technology.

Bigalow was also the one time owner of Skin Walker Ranch, a location that arguably, as we cover on the show, some kind of active stargate with crafts coming & going all the time, in addition to the other high strangeness associated with the property in Utah. One thing I will say for sure is that Bigalow sure does have a thirst for all the types of information & woo that we here on KBS crave to know more about.

Back to the show & we also talk about elongated skulls. One of the skulls we discuss comes from Chullpa in Peru. The image below shows the type of skulls we discuss on the show & really must make one question just what it is we are looking at. Is it just the result of binding as main stream antropologists & archaeologists would have us believe? Or could it be that we are looking at a lost race of humans, or perhaps this is evidence of the giants & maybe, just maybe…. ancient aliens!

A mummified elongated skull found in Peru could finally prove the existence of aliens.
The strangely shaped head – almost as big as its 50cm (20in) body – has baffled anthropologists.


If you have followed the shows here on KBS then you will be well aware of my fascination with history, archaeology & just where it is we come from. Its with this in mind that I get Brad to talk about the amazing location in Texas that appears to show dinosaur footprints & human foot prints together, set in stone from millions of years ago. I mean, how can you see that & not wonder just what on earth the actual timeline of the human story looks like

I also get Brad to talk about the idea that Australia is in fact the cradle of civilization, and as opposed to the ‘out of Africa’ theory, how about the ‘into Africa’ idea, and im thinking more along the lines of ‘out of Australia’! Brad adds to this by talking about his time down under & gets into how some of the oldest knowledge comes from the Aboriginal people of Australia

We also talk about a recent video I watched with Michael Tellinger presenting evidence of a potential giant foot print set in granite in South Africa. I get Brad to discuss this & more evidence of giants.

(Remember to join us next week on the show when I will be joined by Steven Strong from Australia to discuss our ‘forgotten origins‘ & ‘our alien ancestory‘)


I get Brad to talk about the story of the Announaki & what evidence there may be in our own DNA that there was some kind of genetic manipulation in the past.

Brad talks about the work of Zacharia Sitchen & the arrival of a race of aliens called the Announaki. Its said that these beings came down here to mine gold to use in their own atmosphere of their home planet that is called Niburu. Brad talks about the Rh Negative factor in the blood & how it just appeared out of nowhere. Something strange is going on here for sure & add to that the Rh Negative people having traits that the rest of the population dont have. Are we looking at evidence of ancient aliens using something akin to CRISP-R kits to create a species that would mine the gold for them?

I have often thought about the story of the Announaki & there is something that rings true in my opinion. Whether or not they did come here is always going to be up for debate, but try and think about it this way…. if we eventually end up an interplanetary civilization that is out there exploring the galaxy, what would we do if we came across a habitable planet that was rich with priceless resources? I’ve thought about this, and I cant get away from the notion we would be right down there to get our hands on the loot, and we sure as hell would use CRISP-R kits on any creature that we may be able to enhance genetically to our advantage. So, if we would do it in our future, which i think we will, then who is to say that it hasn’t already happened here?

This is one of the amazing things about being alive at this unique time. We have so much information at our fingertips, like at no other time in recorded history, that we know of anyway & I dont think its an accident its all come together at a time when everything is going through great changes. We are living in apocalyptic times, in the truest meaning of the word, for the ‘apocalypse’ is the revealing of everything, good & bad, and that is what is going on right now. Yes, these truly are some of the most testing of times, but as we discuss on the show, both Brad & I are optimistic about the future. Things may actually get worse before they get better, but never forget, the darkest hour always comes right before the down.

Please listen to the conversation with Brad, keep an open mind & make sure you share it with just one other person. We cant change the world overnight, but we can change the worlds of those around us. Think global, act local & never forget this….. YOU ARE THE CHANGE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IN THIS WORLD!

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