GERALD CELENTE: BREXIT & When All Else Fails They Take Us To War

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Gerald Celente joins me to discuss how he sees Brexit playing out in the coming months ahead. We discuss the increasing unrest across Europe. Gerald goes over everything you need to know for 2019.

I ask Gerald for his thoughts on people in the UK being duped into having a second vote on our membership of the EU & the fact the call for this mockery of democracy is coming from characters such as the war criminal Tony Blair & super elite billionaire George Soros. Who would want to be on the same side as these people?

In recent weeks we have witnessed the French people mobilizing & saying no more to Macron & his globalist governance complete with far much more than the increase of tax we are told about in the main stream media.

The Yellow Vests have taken to the streets & dont look like going anywhere anytime soon, so i get Gerald to give us his opinion on how it play out, especially now we see other countries around Europe joining in the protests.

Gerald also gives us his take on whats to come in 2019 & for the UK in particular he talks about “ready to explode”.

All this & a whole lot more with the brilliant Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute.


As the founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente is well respected for his track record of picking business, consumer, political, and economic trends before they come to pass. It is his job to see the future and understand how the issues and events of today will determine the trends of tomorrow.

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