Geordie Rose Discussing AI & Making Machines With Goals That Are Good For Us

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This Year’s IdeaCity conference hosted by Moses Znaimer marked the return of Sanctuary AI founder Geordie Rose. Back in 2013 Geordie was working with another company he co-founded, Dwave Systems & famously introduced the world to the first quantum computer in a presentation at that years IdeaCity conference.

In the 2013 IdeaCity presentation, Geordie spoke of parallel realities & likening the quantum computer to an altar to an alien god. The video of that presentation went on to capture the minds of millions around the world, myself included.

This year, Geordie talks about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) & his new company Sanctuary AI that are creating robots indistinguishable from humans, machines that look like us & think like us.

There is a lot of fear out there about A.I. & in some respects rightly so. In a recent conversation i had with Geordie we tried to remove some of those fears by better explaining this emerging & ever increasingly powerful technology. In this presentation at IdeaCity Geordie goes even further in explaining the AI to remove more of those fears.

Back to this years IdeaCity talk, Geordie gets into how everything happens in our minds, every thought every human has ever had all happens in the mind. But what is the mind? Its one of the most discussed subjects in science today.

We take in information, we process it, and we use it to move & achieve certain goals. He points out how that is no different from how animals & even cellular organisms operate, its all goal driven, and if thats the case, we can make machines do this too.

Geordie goes on to explain that these “intelligent” machines are no different, except we get to decide exactly what those goals are.

Geordie hammers home the need to make sure the goals we set any of these robots/machines are going to turn out good for us humans. If we can stop thinking of these machines as being “intelligent” & change that for being “goal” driven, we can dispel the  dystopic visions of AI brought to us by Hollywood.

Its imperative we have a say on who gets to decide the goals of these machines, because in the wrong hands it may turn out disastrous.

With someone like Geordie Rose at the forefront of all of this with his equally amazing team at Sanctuary AI, im personally a lot more excited about this kind of artificial general intelligence than i ever used to be.

I know people are scared that AI might go rogue, or is come from the most evil of places, but if we just think of these entities for what it is they really are, just machines & if we do this right, they might just make the world a far better place.

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