Geordie Rose & The Holy Grail In Technology – Machines That Think Like Us

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  • How did Geordie get into quantum computing
  • Quantum mechanics & the “many worlds interpretation”
  • What did Geordie mean when he compared the D-WAVE to an altar to an alien God
  • What does it mean to access other realities & bring back resources to this reality
  • Artificial Intelligence / Artificial General Intelligence
  • Dangers of weaponizing AI/AGI
  • Making life-like robots that are indistinguishable from humans
  • Time – just what is it?
  • Mandela effects caused by quantum computing?
  • Are we living in a simulation?
  • Building a SOUL!
  • The dangers of social media & big data
  • The dangers of technology on young children
  • so much more!

Geordie Rose & The Holy Grail In Technology – Machines That Think Like Us

We are ever more rapidly moving into a world that looks more akin to the set & plot from a top Sci-Fi movie than real-life as we once knew it. Technology is advancing at break neck & one new invention in particular is helping in this acceleration – quantum computing.

The man behind the company that brought this once theoretical machine into existence is Geordie Rose. His former company D-Wave Systems based in Canada manufacture quantum computers that are so far ahead of anything in classical computing, they are literally working in other parallel realities. That’s not my claim, its something that Geordie claimed when introducing the world to this new & exciting technology.

I have followed the work of Geordie Rose ever since I watched his IDEACITY 2013 presentation & heard some of the claims he was making about this quantum computer. He said that standing next to the D-Wave computer (see image below) gave him the feeling of standing at an altar to an alien God.


He also claimed that the D-Wave, via its qubits – quantum bits – were accessing parallel realities by taking advantage of quantum mechanical effects & not only that, but that they were bringing back resources from other parallel worlds.

The above statements made by Geordie set the internet on fire with theory after theory emerging as to just what this new technology was capable of, and what effects it might be having on this world as it tunnels from here to other versions of here in the multiverse.

Geordie has since gone on from D-WAVE to create Sanctuary AI, a company that are determined to make machines that look like us & think like us. Understanding the human brain & making machines that think like us is something Geordie refers to as THE HOLY GRAIL IN TECHNOLOGY.

Thanks to the advancements made in quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence is moving forward faster than it ever was thanks to deep machine learning , deep reinforcement learning & other techniques that are used to make algorithms carry out their desired tasks. Machines that think like us, first theorized by British scientist Alan Turing back in the 50’s are now within our grasp.

From time to time we would see Geordie speaking publicly about AI & without fail this would lead to more questions than answers.

One such occasion was at a Tech Vancouver presentation where he addressed the fears of people like Elon Musk when it comes to AI. Musk has said in the past that the creation of Artificial General Intelligence (machines that think like us, only far better and far faster) is akin to summoning demons.

As opposed to putting any fears arising from Musk’s warning, Geordie replaced demons with H.P. Lovecraft type entities that just dont give a damn about any of us!

All of the above has led to much speculation & fear about the emergence of these new technologies. With talk of human-like “Synths” coming from Sanctuary AI in the very near future & all of us wondering just what that means for us as a species?

What better time to go to the man himself & ask him the questions that all of us have been asking ever since we first seen that mind blowing presentation that introduced us all to the worlds most powerful computer.

Geordie Rose agreed to join me on the show so we could go over some of the statements he has made in the past & to discuss where we are with Artificial Intelligence in the hope that it remove some of the fear that people have about these machines that are coming into existence right now.

The conversation we had went so much further & deeper than i had hoped. Geordie took the time to explain things in very understandable & laymen terms so that anyone new to these topics may grasp what it is he is trying to say. I think we managed to cover most of Geordie’s claims that have led to lots of speculation & we went even further!

Geordie went on to discuss his thoughts on the possibility we may be living in a simulation. This also leads him into the subject of the soul – what is it & can we build one? Yes, you read that right… we spoke about how to go about building a soul!

People will make their own minds up on the content of the interview. Some people may view Geordie & his technology in a new light, some may think that everything is a lie – as always on The Kev Baker Show, I PROVIDE & YOU DECIDE!

Many thanks to Geordie & the team at Sanctuary AI!


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