Cryptids, Signs In The Sky, Atlantis Clues & Mysteries

Welcome back to Freaky Friday & this week went exploring the mystery of Atlantis. Just where is the lost city? Did it ever exist in the first place? And how was Edgar Cayce able to predict the discovery of the Bimini road, a rumoured Atlantean outpost?

We kick off the show with NeSe talking to us about the legend of the Wendigo. This leads to a conversation about another cryptid type entity that is being reportedly seen around the US – the rake! If you haven’t checked out ‘the rake’ then hold on tight, talk about terrifying! Just what is leading the rise of cryptid sightings?

Scott also shares a story about the worst year in history… and no, its not 2020! This story came to us from Scott’s Mum, so a big shout out for the awesome content!

Below is the Dark Journalist video that inspired our talk about Atlantis & I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this amazing interview.


Dark Journalist speaks to psychic Joan Zink about her late husband, Dr. David Zink and his groundbreaking research in the Bimini HotZone to discover Atlantis working on the information in the readings of Edgar Cayce. She goes deeply into the UFO File, the Tuaoi Stone Power Crystal submerged in the Bahamas and how she helped David with Psychic Archaeology.


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