Everything You Need To Know About ‘FAUL’ McCartney

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Welcome back to this special broadcast of Warrior Mode with Bill Bean & I. This time out we concentrate on one of the most intriguing musical conspiracies ever – that Paul McCartney died was replaced by ‘FAUL’ McCartney AKA Billy Shears.

If this is the first time you are hearing this then just wait, dont dismiss what you just read without first taking the time to look at the information for yourself. I had a real problem wrapping my head around the idea that something so preposterous could have ever occurred when i first heard this story. However, once you open your mind & go over the information that is out there, it sure seems there may be something to this after all.

Bill has written a fantastic essay that condenses most of the really important aspects to this story but there is so much more that is neither in the essay or did we discuss on the show. I have included Bill’s writing on the topic below.

We provide, you decide!



Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE

Born June 18, 1942

The “official” PID story: Paul was killed in a car crash November 9, 1966 and was replaced by a Scottish look-alike named William Campbell Shepherd. This rumor first began in October 1969, when clues allegedly planted by the Beatles themselves began to be uncovered. In October 1969, a Detroit disc jockey, Russ Gibb, received a call from a listener (“Tom”) insisting McCartney was dead and suggesting he play the Beatles’ song ”Revolution Nine” backwards. Gibb did, and heard “turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man.”

I have read many books on the subject, and though it seems nearly impossible to me that a double could step in and assume the role of Paul, my final conclussion is that it might have very well happened.

We talked a couple of shows ago about the possible link between Charles Manson and the CIA’s MK-Ultra Program. The PID topic also has a possible connection to Tavistock and the CIA. In order for us to understand why certain things are currently taking place in the world, we have to do historical research into things that might have been implemented back then. We can’t truly know where we are at, unless we know where we have been!

It’s been long rumored that the Beatles were a Tavistock Institute creation, and that they were MK Ultra Mind Controlled subjects. That said, if this is true then perhaps it might explain the Beatles deep fascination with Aleister Crowley and the occult.

For those of you who don’t know, Crowley was a satanic black magician, who was billed as the “Wickedess Man on the Earth.” He founded  a satanic cult called the Ordo Templi Orientis. He was born in 1875 and died in 1947. Another interesting item to note is that Crowley was was not only on the Beatles 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover (in two places,) he was mentioned in the Sgt. Pepper song as well.

 (“It was 20 years ago today that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play”.)

Back to Billy Shepherd. I’m going to reference a lot out of what I have read in his 2 books, Memoirs and Billy’s Back. He claims that he’s a classically trained musician, who can read and write music. He can play guitar, bass, drums, kazoo, ukulele, keyboards and piano.

(James Paul McCartney could not read or write music)

He further claims that he was a session musician and also fronted a band called Billy and the Pepperpots. (Sgt. Pepper)

 What I’m about to read is a promo for his book Billy’s Back

Read verifiable details of the “Paul is Dead” story that you have never heard it before, including William taking over The Beatles and the McCartney estate.

Besides many song and album clues that even the experts have missed, you will also learn the hard physical evidence. Here are examples:

DNA – Chapter 4 reveals how it was proven in court, in Germany, that the current Paul does not have the same DNA as the earlier Paul. This got a paternity suit against him dropped.

Chapter 34 identifies the professor in Florida who first published the fact that the new and old Paul have many differences based on voice analysis.

Chapter 59 recounts the trouble that Billy got into in Japan when his fingerprints did not match those of the original Paul McCartney. McCartney was busted on Jan. 16, 1980 at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport for trying to bring a half-pound of marijuana into the country.

Throughout Billy’s Back!, you will learn to easily recognize their distinct physical differences, their personality differences, and the conspicuous differences in their singing and musical skills. You will also come to know the current Paul’s inner-workings about how, even now, he deals with the identity-switch, and how he continues to work .

Billy Pepper Became Sgt. Pepper. Billy’s Back! shows how William Shepherd (“Billy Shears”) replaced Paul McCartney in The Beatles, revealing exactly how he went from being “Billy Pepper” of Billy Pepper and the Pepper Pots, to The Beatles’ new “Sgt. Pepper” of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s never been a response from Paul McCartney to these books. However, I was shocked to uncover that both books are printed by Peppers Press through Paul McCartney’s corporation called MACCA Corp.

The Memoirs of Billy Shears

by Thomas E.  Uharriet


ISBN: 9781475145885, 2016, 666 pages, $33.33

Billy’s Back

by Thomas E.  Uharriet

Print Length: 419 pages

Publisher: Peppers Press (a subsidiary of MACCA Corp.)

Publication Date: September 8, 2009


Gabriella Carlesi is forensic pathologist who specializes in identification of people through craniometry (i.e. comparison of certain features of the skull) and forensic odontology (i.e. analysis of the teeth), while Francesco Gavazzeni is a specialist in computer analyses. By putting their talents together, they were able to use a computer to obtain high precision measurements of Paul McCartney’s skull from various photos of his face.

Certain features of our skull, teeth, and ears are extremely effective for identifying us; some of them cannot currently be modified by surgery. In fact, in Germany, the identification of the shape of the right ear has the same legal value of that of a DNA test or fingerprints detection.

The two researchers opted for the distance between the pupils. In other words, the photos were scaled so that the distance between the pupils was exactly the same for all of them.

Once photos of a person have been scaled so that the eyes have identical locations, then if you lay the photos on top of each other, certain features will match exactly, such as the shape of the skull. The skin and hair may be very different, but the skulls should be identical.

Both of the photos taken prior to 1966 matched one another perfectly, and both of the photos taken after 1967 matched one another perfectly.

However, the researchers were shocked to discover that the photos prior to 1966 did not match the photos taken after 1967.

For example, the frontal curvature of the jaw was different (i.e. the curve going from one ear to the other and passing through the chin, which you see when looking directly into a face, as in the photos on the right) and the jaw arc was also different (i.e. the curve of the jaw that you would see if looking downward at the head from above).

Gavazzeni noticed a common feature of Faul’s early photos that is not seen in his recent photos: a dark area shadowing the external corner of the left eye. That area now shows something half-way between a scar and something that resembles skin that was stretched as a consequence of cosmetic surgery, or, as Gavazzeni suggests, of an imperfect cosmetic surgery.

Photos show that Faul’s head is more oblong than Paul’s head. Gavazzeni pointed out that some of the early printed photos of Faul must have been compressed in height in order to make his head appear shorter and more rounded. He said his conclusion is inescapable because the shape of the skull of an adult cannot be altered. He said there was a simple trick for stretching or compressing photos during the printing process in those days before computer photo editing became available, so it would have been very easy for them to do this trick.

William’s longer facial structure as opposed to the real Paul’s boyish rounded facial structure was always a problem. The fact that William almost overnight became the tallest Beatle between 1966 and 1967 was something that all the plastic surgery and silicone facial injections in the world could not deal with or change to anyones satisfaction. Yet William was also never really able to get rid of his Scottish accent as opposed to the rest of the bands Liverpudlian accents.

Carlesi pointed out that the line separating Faul’s lips is much wider, to the point that it was obvious even when Faul grew a mustache, perhaps in an attempt to hide that detail. Lips can be inflated and increased in volume, but the wideness of their separating line can be altered only to a small extent.

More interesting is the position, relative to the skull, of the point where the nose detaches from the face, because it can not be modified by surgery. According to Carlesi, these points for Paul and Faul are considerably different.

Some features of the ear are also useful for identification purposes because these as well are not modifiable through surgery. Carlesi and Gavazzeni determined that the ears of Paul and Faul differed significantly.

David Letterman for July 15, 2009 (is it a coincidence that this is the same date of the publication of that article by Wired Italia?), in which McCartney jokes about the idea that Paul died in 1966. That footage is interesting because Faul seems to lie:

You will learn why, and how the newcomer immediately took creative control of the band from John Lennon, making William Shepherd (as Pete Townshend put it) “the new boss.”

You will see how the switch in the band immensely improved The Beatles, but tormented them all, especially John and the new “Paul.” Replacing Paul saved the band, but plagued each band member.

Now you will understand their secret messages. While far more songs pointed to the switch than had been recognized, many of them were in protest of the new Paul. The friction between them began when the new Paul took over the band (on 16 September 1966), and continued for years after “Paul” disbanded “The Beatles.”

When you know what really happened and why, you will never again harbor any doubts of Paul’s death and replacement by William. In addition, as you learn the background of the songs cited, you will never again hear those songs the same way. This book will forever change your perceptions of those songs and of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Donovan, The Who, and Elton John–all of whom sang about Paul’s replacement.

Billy’s Back! reveals why global engineers had an interest in The Beatles, and how they used the media to manipulate the world into following that band, along with The Rolling Stones, to break down political and societal boundaries in preparation for the New World Order. Much of The Beatles’ success stems from their part in a Tavistock project.

Billy’s Back! includes the material from The Memoirs of Billy Shears that the public most wants to know of Paul’s death and replacement, packed with many other fascinating details, without The Beatles philosophical attainments (See Beatles Enlightenment), and without their darker aspects, such as their Paulism, Satanism, and their Biblical humor (calling The Beatles the four-headed 666 Beast), which are all discussed in Billy’s Back!, but far more abundantly so in the unabridged Memoirs.

The story of The Beatles is extremely complicated it was John Lennon who said. “There are less then 100 people on the entire planet that actually know what The Beatles music is really all about.” But many more have figured it out at this late date in the game of life. The Beatles were hidden in plain sight “Satanic Social Engineer’s”. The so-called “British Invasion” was not just a publicity slogan. It was a real invasion to undermine the standards of the social order and the moral compass of the people of the United States.

Heather Mills uncovered something really bad about Faul and she was fearing for her life.

She stated that if anything should happen to her, the secret would be revealed to the world!


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