Pentagon UFO Whistleblower Elizondo Talks To The Black Vault

Just over 3 years ago a counterintelligence officer and trained special agent by the name of Luis Elizondo came forward to blow the lid off the Pentagons interest in Unidentified Flying Objects, UFO’s, or UAP’s (Unidentified Ariel Phenomena) as we would soon come to learn.

In this one-on-one interview with renowned researcher & journalist John Greenwald Jr of The Black Vault, Elizondo finally sits down with John to go over the story about his time with AATIP – Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, the releasing of the now infamous videos of unidentified craft & his time with TTSA – To The Stars Academy.

Elizondo recently parted ways with TTSA & doesn’t really get into why this has happened but what he does talk about is very interesting indeed. Reading between the lines it sounds as if there are factions within factions operating at the TTSA as well as within the government agencies that have held onto the the UFO file forever. At one point Elizondo suggests that he wasn’t even made aware of the videos that were released by the TTSA of Navy Pilots engaging craft unlike any seen on this planet.

During the discussion Elizondo brings up Skinwalker Ranch in Utah in relation to the work done there during the time it was owned by Robert Bigalow. The AATIP were subcontracting work out to Bigalow Aerospace as part of the program ran out of the Pentagon, and Elizondo brings up the ranch & work that was done there but then gets rather evasive when pressed on the subject by Greenwald. Watch out for Skinwalker in 2021, i predict there is going to be something going on there in light of the TV show “The Curse Of Skinwalker Ranch” that finished season one with a promise of “trying to make contact” with aliens in the upcoming season 2 of the show.

These past 3 years have definitely seen a drastic change in how the UFO/UAP subject is being covered by the media, and that in turn suggests that a decision has been made at a higher level to release some of the information they have relating to these subjects. The question that continues to plague me is “why now?”

I recommend you listen to this interview & make of it as you will. What i can tell you for sure is the 2021 is going to provide yet more interesting twists & turns on the bumpy road to full disclosure. Are we being told the truth? Or are we being set up for something along the lines of the fake alien invasion AKA Project Blue Beam?

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