The Annual Decoding Of The Economist World In 2021

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I can’t quite believe it myself, but here we are again with the annual decoding of the Rothschild ‘Economist’ cover.

Each year I’m joined by Nano to go over the cover of The Economist to try and figure out just what it is that the Rothschild’s are predicting for the year ahead.

After 2020, who knows what this year holds in store. If last year is anything to go by the predicting anything is perilous as the world continues to get crazier by the day. That said, if anyone has an idea of what lies ahead, then its surely The Economist in light of the fact its part owned by one of the most powerful families on the planet, the Rothschild’s.

We will be discussing lots more along the way on this, one of our most popular shows of the year, with Nanogirl.


Kev Baker Show The Economist – Slide 1

Kev Baker Show The Economist – Slides 2

PDF OF THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE 2021 the-world-in-2021-the-economist

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