Earth Changes, Quantum Woo & Are We Living In A Simulation?

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Freaky Freaky, Ep#174 … Truth Frequency Radio

The Woo Crew talk about recent earth change events including a dramatic land/mud slide filmed in Mongolia. We are told earth changes occur over thousands of years but the evidence suggests otherwise. Joe brings up some quantum strangeness about the future being able to have an effect on the past. We also talk about virtual reality & how people may react to other worlds indistinguishable from this 3D world we inhabit.

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Near the start of the show we discuss a video from Mongolia that shows what appears to be a river of mud/soil flowing through a valley. Scott Lopez explains the process involved & just what exactly we are seeing.

As always we get into the weird world of quantum mechanics & all the strangeness that comes with it. In this show Joe brings up an interesting article on how the future can affect the past. Just think about that for one minute. So, something we do tomorrow may be connected to how we feel today? That is a very crude way of explaining a strange quantum phenomena where exactly that happens.

For anyone wanting to get a basic crash course on quantum mechanics then I suggest you watch the following documentary called “What the bleep do we know?”. This one film is what sparked my fascination in all things to do with quantum physics.



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