Disclosure Deception & Middle East Driving A.I.

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Events and prophecy unfolding in the Middle East is driving the parabolic development of AI. Kev and I break down the latest developments in AI, as well as shining additional light upon the likes of Facebook and other social media manipulating people’s minds, creating a literal dependency upon them.


In the first segment of the show we talk about the recent release of declassified footage claiming to show USAF pilots in pursuit of unidentified aerial phenomena, or as they are better known, UFOs. We question the timing of reason from the release of these previously sealed documents & videos. The main stream media have been all over this since the tail end of last year & instead of being met by the typical ridicule we have become accustomed to, there was a notable shift in the official narrative concerning the UFO topic. Soft disclosure appears to be underway.

At the forefront of this “disclosure” push is a group called To The Stars Academy, fronted by ex-Blink182 frontman Tom Delonge. We take a close look at just who & what “To The Stars Academy” really are & question the validity of the information they are bringing forward.

Watch out for more soft disclosure in the coming weeks & months, we explain why on the show….

Check out To The Stars Academy website & see for yourself who is behind this push for “disclosure”… CLICK HERE!


Facebook & Cambridge Analytica have found themselves at the center of a giant scandal in recent times after the public was made aware of the shady dealings that go on behind the veneer of the Facebook news feed. Cambridge Analytica have ceased to exist after the fallout from the scandal & we reveal their new name as they are poised to come back under another guise.

Anthony goes over some of the information he has published in this months Entangled magazine & explains how the tech companies have manipulated us into being dopamine addicts, all desperately seeking that next “fix” that only their websites & products can provide.

We discuss how social media is not only affecting us now but is literally rewiring the minds of our young. We also explain why the Facebook scandal got so much media attention & what direction we expect things to go in the near future.


Just recently on The Kev Baker Show i questioned just how much of a role CERN has played in some of the strangeness we see around the planet at this time. Anthony talks about end times prophecy & ties it in with the technology of today aswell as the geopolitical events that are unfolding around the world, in particular the Middle East.

Just what damage has been done to our reality with CERN & D-Wave punching holes to a “mind boggling” number of other dimensions? Mandela effects anyone?


Anthony Patch covers the tense situation in the middle east & makes a case for what is happening over there leading to the push to accelerate all things to do with A.I. Saudi Arabia are set to build a new super city called NEOM, yet the middle east is on a knife edge and poised for war.

Are biblical markers on the road to the end times pushing the cabal to accelerate the technology that will literally open portals to the abyss and beyond?

Enjoy the show, keep an open mind & more importantly use your discernment & critical thinking skills as we all seek to get the truth.



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