Mystery Of Arctic Craters Solved? PUTIN DONE IT!

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A scientist is claiming that strange craters that started appearing in Siberia & the Arctic in 2014 may have been caused by Russians seeking to tap into natural reserves in the area, meaning, Putin done it! or did he?

You literally couldnt make this stuff up!

This is just the latest story the media are using as a vehicle for their anti-Russian propaganda in an attempt to make us think he is the biggest & baddest man on the planet.

Thats not to say that drilling in that area isnt to blame, but to suggest Vladimir Putin is directly involved, well, its just a lame attempt to demonize public enemy number one.

Craters caused much speculation when they first started appearing in 2014, with pockets of methane being blamed at the time. Oh what a difference a couple of years makes!

Watch for Putin being blamed for anything & everything that happens in the world with all the current anti-Russia sentiment being programmed into us by the politicians via their main stream media puppets.



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