#COVID1984 : UK Citizens Urged To ‘Embrace’ & Install NHS ‘Contact Tracing’ App

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Brits are getting their first look at the NHS ‘contact tracing’ app that the government want people to “embrace” with “enthusiasm” as we get closer to an easing of lockdown restrictions.

The new app will be tested this week on the Isle of Wight & is expected to roll out nationally over the next few weeks.

Matt Hancock says the pilot of the contact tracing app on the Isle of Wight will begin tomorrow.

“Where the Isle of Wight goes, Britain will follow.”

Matt Hancock appeals to people living on the Isle of Wight to “embrace” the app with “enthusiasm“.

“Please download the app, to protect the NHS and save lives,” he says.

The tracing app utilizes Bluetooth technology to cause devices that come into close proximity of each other to log the event & should anyone then test positive for COVID-19, the app will send an alert to those devices that they came into contact with.

Will it just be you that receives the alert, or will there be a knock at the door from the police/medical teams in the moments after the alert hits your phone? What other data will the app be siphoning from our devices?

The app will ask people how they are feeling when they install it & if they are worried they may have COVID-19 there will be a checklist for them to go through. If after going through the questionnaire its deemed the user may have COVID-19, a reference number is issued & are urged to get tested.

Officials say that the app may play a big part in moving out of lockdown. Additionally, testing & something they call “manual contact tracing” will also be part of the easing of restrictions. Just to be clear, manual contact tracing will involve people volunteering or gaining employment to gather information of people – yes, citizens spying on fellow citizens.

Recently over in the States,  the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti encouraged members of the community to continue reporting businesses that violate the city’s Safer at Home order to the city for enforcement. talked about how “snitching” on neighbours would be rewarded by the state.

Where i come from snitches will always get stitches Eric, just saying!

But remember, your government loves you & is only doing all of these things to protect you, right…. right?

So far, there is no talk of this app being mandatory. However, watch this space closely over the next couple of weeks to see if there is any change on this being a voluntary system. In reality, a system such as this can only be effective if there is a 100% uptake of the technology, which is unrealistic for a number of reasons.

People with privacy concerns, people that are not very technology savvy etc are amongst those that may not want to, or be able, to use this new way to track us all. All in the name of keeping us safe, of course!

But how long until employers & shop owners insist on employees/customers to have the contact tracing app to prove their “health status”?

We are living through something that none of us have ever experienced before, and there is a growing desire for things to get back to normal, i get that, but how much of our freedom are we willing to trade just to move into what is increasingly being termed “the new normal”?

I absolutely see the need to protect public health, but at what cost?

In the days & weeks after the horrendous events on the morning of 9/11, another event that like COVID changed the world, the American people & others around the world started to see new laws, new regulations & increased surveillance to fight the “war on terror”. How many of those measures have ever gone away since the multiple deaths of Bin Laden & the routing of ISIS by the Russians?

COVID-19 is going to bring even bigger changes on a societal level & just as with 9/11, its being done by governments under the guise of “keeping your safe”.

Worryingly, more & more people are talking about how they will happily install an app if it means they can get some extra yard time, like the prisoners in the invisible panopticon that we all now reside in.

So today we got to see the UK ‘tracing app’ that will be one hoop we have to jump through before being herded into THEIR ‘new normal’. What will it be tomorrow? A chip? A digital tattoo with your medical records? Or will it be the vaccine complete with nanotechnology that has many comparing this, & the others options i list, as the Mark Of The Beast?

Dont worry about it, between our governments & the scientific priest-class headed up by Uncle Bill Gates, everything is being done to protect you….. right… right?


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