Thousands Of People Are Hearing Something Strange In China

People in the Guizhou county of Weining have recently been flocking to the mountains to witness the call of a dragon?

Yes, you read that right, there are noises being heard by what appears to be hundreds of people & its causing some to suggest that perhaps its the noise of a dragon waking up inside the mountain.

I discussed this on a recent stream & urge you to check it out before making your own mind up on just what is going down in China right now.

Whatever is going on, the local “Propaganda Department of the Weining County Party Committee” as reported by, are treating this seriously & responded to the noises, that have been heard since June 20th, by stating that they have sent a team to investigate the noise further.

The “propaganda department” also claim that some of the sounds are “synthesized”. I will let you decide what the source of these noises are.

The geological team sent to the region do not believe it is related to earthquake activity, but lets just keep an eye on this area in the coming day because something is far from right with all of this.

Remember, this is not the first strange sound to be heard in recent years. For some time now, there have been similar strange, explainable noises coming from various locations from all around the globe. The sounds have led some to say that what we are hearing are the sounds of the trumpets of the apocalypse. Below is a video of just some of these sounds that have been recorded in recent years.

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