Blackwater Back With “We Are Coming” War Cry & The Privatization Of War


That is the word from mercenary group Blackwater in a January/February 2019 issue of “Recoil” magazine with the company’s logo.

Blackwater ad in Recoil Jan/Feb issue

Could Blackwater be set for a comeback after the controversy of their involvement in the Iraq war led to them being banned from the country for their involvement in a September 2007 shooting which left 17 civilians dead result in their ban from Iraq in 2009.

Former CEO of Blackwater, Erik Prince, sold the company in 2010 & it has underwent numerous re-branding, the latest of which is Academi.

Erik Prince is a close associate of Trump & often been rumored to have lobbied for the removal of US forces from Afghanistan & replacing them with Private Contractors. Former Sec. of Defense Jim Mattis was always opposed to the use of Private Contractors.

In August 2018 the now ex-Defense Secretary Mattis said…

“When Americans put their nation’s credibility on the line, privatizing it is probably not a wise idea,”

With Mattis gone, will we now see Trump turn to his friend Prince, especially in light of the news US forces are to withdraw from Syria with immediate effect.

This leads to the bigger question of whether or not we are witnessing the privatization of war under the Trump regime.

Its yet to be seen if Erik Prince has anything to do with this resurgence of Blackwater with his media team telling the Military Times Friday that he would not be able to speak beyond what was in the media “at this stage.”

Watch out world, Blackwater are back!

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