Bio-warfare, Geoengineering, The Watchers & More with Ronnie McMullen

KBS Ep#1036

Ronnie McMullen, the man behind GetTheTea.com, joins us to discuss bio-warfare & the various ways our bodies are under attack, from the air we breathe to the food we eat!

In recent weeks we have touched on that feeling which persists that something big is just around the corner. Well, it turns out Ronnie too is picking up on something coming our way, but just what is it? There appears to be something energetic underway which we are all starting to pick up on & we discuss just what may, or may not, be causing this to occur.

We also talk about the potential for some outside intervention from an outside source. You may call them aliens, or the “watchers” or any other name you choose, but could it be just when it seems all else is going to fail, someone or something steps in on our behalf?

Are we only now living through the times that the Mayans were pointing to?

We discuss all of this and get into frequency, the death of the Bee, pharmaceuticals in the chemtrails & more!

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