Earth Changes, Strange ARCTIC PYRAMID & Planet Nine

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In this second half of the show i talk about the massive volcanic activity that is occurring on Hawaii’s big island. Smoke & ash have exploded up to 30,000ft, with more eruptions likely. I go over some updates on the volcano & other earth changes.

Then, the part that you are all interested in…. A POTENTIAL PYRAMID IN THE ARCTIC!?!?!

Yes, you read that right, there is a chance that we may have just discovered yet another pyramid structure, this time up in the Arctic circle. NASA released images from their Operation IceBridge project & one of the images stood out immediately.

As you can see in the picture above, you can see why i was amazed when i first seen it. Now, before you think im losing my mind, hear me out. Firstly, i admit that we have no way to tell the size of the structure as there is no scale to work from, nor anything to compare the pyramid to. Next, obviously this could well be a trick of the light, or just some natural formation, but something makes me suspect we are seeing something far more interesting.

The South Pole in recent months has been the centre of attention with politicians and other high ranking officials making a pilgrimage to the bottom of the world for an as of yet unknown reason. John Kerry went down mid campaign, so just what is so important down there.

Now, just as with so many other continents & countries around the world, the pyramid structure is seen in the Arctic.

We have to ask this question as well…

Just why did NASA release an image that they must have known would cause just this type of speculation?

Could it be part of the controlled fake disclosure we have been covering on the show in recent times?

All food for though i think you would agree.

To round off the show there is even new “evidence” out that supports the idea of Planet Nine lurking on the edge of the solar system.

Something big is coming, but be on your toes, the psy-ops are in full swing right now.


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