WOW! Alien Face Found Emerging From Antarctic Ice Could Change Everything!


Earlier today, I was send some interesting information regarding a potential archeological discovery on Antarctica. After looking at the information, my initial thoughts were “this must be a fake”, but i was soon to discover that the images i was looking at were real.

Originally discovered by an Instagram account called ufo_scandinavia, the images were of a remote, mountainous region of Antarctica & appears to show what appears to be a face emerging from the ice.

To say i was shocked when i zoomed into this location would be an understatement. With so many lies & an abundance of misinformation/disinformation on the internet, i honestly thought this would just be the latest hoax being used to drive traffic to the “usual suspects” desperate for our clicks.

However, as you can see in the video, this image does appear on Google Earth. You can check it for yourself & i urge you to do so. Just open up Google Earth & go to the following coordinates… -72.010000, 168.577778

The main stream are already swinging into full debunk mode by claiming anyone looking at this is a “conspiracy nut”, which in itself adds to the mystery surrounding this discovery.

I cannot tell you that this is definitive proof of ancient alien type activity on the planet, nor can i immediately dismiss this as some kind of natural structure.

The “face” which looks very similar to that of what is known as a Gray alien is massive in size. It measures over 500 meters in length & over 400 meters in width. It is situated in the Admiralty Mountain region of Antarctica, south of Australia & New Zealand.

Speculation time….

Could this be the reason for people such as John Kerry, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church & even Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin taking trips to Antarctica in recent years?

Antarctica may be one of the most remote & uninhabitable places on the planet, but that hasn’t stopped nations from taking a very keen interest in this real estate over the years.

We can look back to the Nazi’s in WW2 & their journeys to the bottom of the world. A previous guest on The Kev Baker Show, Dr Richard Alan Miller, spoke about his trip there & the 17 berth submarine base that the Nazi’s had built below the surface of the icy continent.

Then there is the infamous Project High Jump, with Admiral Byrd leading a naval fleet to the South Pole only to report back that it was already occupied & that there were flying machines capable of going pole-to-pole in a matter of hours.

In more recent times, journalist & researcher Linda Moulten Howe has been speaking with anonymous sources about just what is going on in Antarctica.

Just recently i had author/researcher Brad Olsen on the show to discuss his recent trip to Antarctica & we got into some of the history surrounding it. It would seem there is something that has attracted the attention of various nations over the years & one must wonder just what the fascination is with icy wasteland.

Finally, let me just say that i find this very interesting indeed, but without further investigation, all we have is an image of something that may or may not be something significant. Trying to get further information on this is going to be hard at best, and realistically, without being able to go there to investigate this ourselves, it will be near impossible for us to definitively know just what, or what isn’t, emerging from the ice around Antarctica.


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