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900 episodes & still going strong. That’s the message to listeners & supporters of KBS in this broadcast. To help me celebrate this landmark and to go over the latest news I was joined by Scott Lopez, Jimmy Genes & the man himself, Johnny Whistles.

After reflecting on doing 900 shows we get into the latest news coming out of Syria. The UK government held a war council on Thursday & decided action must be taken to prevent President Assad from carrying out more atrocities on the Syrian people, despite the fact that there is no logical reason nor evidence to support claims the Syrian Regime carried out a chemical attack in Ghouta last weekend.

Jimmy & Scott talk about one of the major players in all of this, John McCain, who just happened to visit the region in the past month to talk with the “moderate rebels” fighting Assad. This isn’t the first time McCain has turned up in the prelude to alleged chemical attacks in the country. He was there back in 2013 just prior to the Homs attack that led to Obama’s “red line” being drawn in the sand.

We agree on the show that in all likelihood McCain is the handler for opposition forces taking on Assad & passed on instructions to carry out the latest atrocity so as to justify western military involvement in the country.

When I say “moderate rebels”, in reality we are talking about radical Islamist fighters that previously fought under the black flag of Al Qaeda, and more recently ISIS. This is the same ISIS that are now dispersed across Europe & beyond after Russian Forces backing the Assad regime have routed from the country in recent months. Not so presidential Donald Trump took to twitter to make the following ridiculous claim yesterday….

The reality of the situation is this – the US government have been backing these terrorists all along. When you hear Trump, May & any other leader of a countries forming this coalition of killing talk about preventing Assad from attacking his own people, what they are actually wanting to do is prevent the annihilation of these terrorist forces that have been CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 supported since the time of the Afghan/Soviet conflict when they went under the guise of the Mujaheddin.

The following video report gives a brilliant break down of just what has occurred in Syria that has led us to the brink of war.

Stop and think about it. Just why would Assad use chemical munitions, the same chemical munitions that were handed over after the 2013 “red line” incident, on his own people just days after Trump had said he was ready to pull out of the region? What logical reason where there be for Assad, backed by Putin, to carry out an action that would inevitably be met with such a global outcry?

None of official story makes sense for one simple reason. Its a lie, and its a lie that they have tried to use to hoodwink people around the world to the truth of what is going on in Syria. Assad, thanks to the backing of Putin’s military, is winning! So why on earths name would he do something like this? Seriously, pause and think about this logically, without reacting to the hideous images of women and children foaming at the mouth from a chemical attack that im certain did occur, just not in the way we are being told.


Scott Lopez then shares a story concerning an old DARPA/Pentagon backed project called LifeLog. Read the following article & then realize that only months after this was scrapped, Facebook just miraculously appeared.


Enjoy the show!


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